Monday, December 28, 2015

"…Spoke no // drained / brackets…" / poems at The Sensation Feelings / + Jan 11 Regenerates Reading Nashpo @ Stone Fox + A. Palisano Poem + Poet Selfies

Jan. Regenerates Reading ( poetry, art ) set for Jan. 11th, Ben BurrJesse Mathison, I + Visuals of AC CarterKB, +Erin Alise Borzak. Come on: 2 for 1's, free admin, stuff for sale, mingle and yell, or isolate and mute, I don't care, just show up eh.

I have no idea what to expect but a singular, pushing event of positive, spear in your face rawness. Creek Space Collective member Jesse Mathison is in on it, so maybe the smeary arts culture will show too.


The new The Sensation Feelings, issue # 3, is out and fabulously folding on y'all, I is here with two poem pieces for your bethlehem perusals y'all. A strip of my Inpatient Press chap o n e

( in which I repent Charles Olson, disagree, to however minute a degree, and say what is different now than then with our entanglements of human degree, matter and social... also what seems like an intuitive, half gargled reference to Mikhail poem 'you're old man' (!) - 'BACK INTO SWAMP, SWAMP CREATURE' )

( XII ) is in there, as is a poem when first I started likening a return of the body to things other than what it does without my knowledge or say so - 'Still, detritivore' ( a rad piece that feels rad that I consider one rad I do … )…

"… to've broken upon color

sill breathes glass or its absence is physically anything / no

given strange 
                       translates otherwise …"


Poets deal with the selfie ( in exposed format, openness aside from just doing that activity for itself or themself, self love self ):




Aldo vs. McGregor! Came and went faster than a double-click. Watch the corners react, such diminishing reactions, polarized affect, what their next days must have been like - The Irish, The Brazilians.


Dang, dang: Lithub is doing some aright peripheral poetry stuff, critical stuff, I may have to begin checking them on the regular as in a matured, benefits-earning. less erratic HTMLGiant?

Reading, though somewhat more fascinated and enamored with the fervor and aheadedness and directness and eccentricity of the person ( as in, ah, Frank O'Hara - socio-intellectual creatures that draw people behind them like an adoring cape ), James Baldwin of late.

White Debt / addressed well and honestly, and honestly well : "I erased 'complacence' and wrote 'complicity.' I erased it. 'Debt,' I wrote. Then, 'forgotten debt.'


The Demands (!).


Antonina Palisano's one over at Swarm - To Not My Own

"...until asking grows/ planetary/ wider/ & seething/ what’s owed

to the same walk/ at different times of day/ the changing air/ the imperative air

& if I love/ is love response/ to panic/ its possible loss/ & how to walk

with this loss/ I cannot love/ without conceiving of it/ endless presage

the falling bird/ the black core of the apple/ disbelieving/ a certain dream/ cold

in flesh & manner/ I have let you die/ but also disdain/ & want another

if I lack language/ is it care/ or sublimation

what self is here/ ..."

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Preface to Note on Tundra soon free by online at Bombay Gin, misc

Pre-hibernations, seeming organic because not to sleep. These are what I've missed, the things I remember missing anyway, those to whom this apology floats out to meet:

-Missed reading, East Side Story with Rita B.
-Missed reading, Vanderbilt Visiting Writers, TR Hummer
-Band of Poets, Bobby's Idle Hour, with Ciona Rouse, Luke Wiget, others
-Poetry Book Release for Trinity Lane, The Stone Fox, with Whit Smith, Daniel Pujol, others


Got one of the Note on Tundra prefaces "( Architectures )" over to Bombay Gin's (Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University) online features section, with a video trailer (!) chunk done by Fields of Black Sand heart Meagen Crawford, and The Atari Hairdo himself, ol Computer Lungs Todd Michael Rogers.

That video trailer plus another done by ninja secret refuge citizens will be unfurled as when the proper time settles down.

Not sure when this front of Note is out, but it'll be externalized just you wait, pretty rad having a piece with a place that I've deep ideas of as being aligned somehow with Jack Kerouac, the sort of phenomenology and epistemological creative routes that have a finesse and nobility (however self-visible, and therefore not precisely sainthood earning)...

Don't let the day pass where you might, both of us, snatch a handmade copy of my music immersive lineage of poems Note on Tundra ( for which I think the entire sound blanket of nashville caldwell bongo beef oven house shows bring it back ) + not 1, but the 2 prefaces, out when when when from DoubleCross Press y'all.


Plus - recently found Lylas=Beach Boys=Elliott Smith=Acetone=Jason Molina=Yo La Tengo=esque Cass Mccombs:


A lot of happenings nationally, if you aren't upset, or polarized, you aren't paying attention. KNow thyself I guess, or do the other thing, abolish the self, both go well, toward alleviating everyone else. I've been post it noting my way toward articulating what it is that I think, what it is that I think I feel, that I understand about my leanings, my validity, volumes, space (if I have it, want it need it, rescind it, impose it, detract, deserve). Thick as traffic.

Here's something to read

And here


Jaqueline Winter Thomas weighs in well on the oral aspect of poetry, on its being read, in the poetry readings, as they are tend to be held - " shared acts of silence." (!) And, further, "Sometimes a violation of this silence is justifiable, but, oftentimes, it is not."


And Chuck Beard has your guide to everything literary at all y'all with his Decemberist's lit planner: Beard on Books.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Upcomings, Searcy, P. Muldoon, SoFest namedrop, E t A l., Note on Tundra proofs in(!)

Zach Searcy, whose work was up as 'Burnin Down The House' an impromptu art show in an unfilled house in East Nashville. 


Before I forget, made the ( awhile ago now ) Paul Muldoon soundtrack in the slipping past of weeks ago ( Vanderbilt Visiting Writers Series ), that before it slips entirely away, his even, nuanced, inviting reading there should be notes for:

'wanting to be in the experience more than christianity (?), than else/ brogue / so as not to separate from him' /// autonomies jumped, hoarse location /// these poems seem to FADE in on … all .../// inclusive physicality to the reading/reader, moving to the audience, agreement made in this, exchanging, storytelling, performative, bard, call + response, fiery tale, storyteller/ATM /// as one occurs, occurrence as an intrinsic / one is in an occurrence that is automatic //// made/make conduit for foreignness / for pace  /// the THICKNESS of his book of his poems /// DICKEY + OLSON + YEATS /// where the context for silence (of silence?) + prominence - Buckhead - oratorial, exactitude, precision timbres, syncopations of rhyme + finish + singular declarations/proclomation /// WHAT DOES HELL DO? /// WHERE IS OUR LITTLE WAR NOW? /// gentleness /// RIM or BRIM? Rim. /// eulogies for poets that require none'


The Southern Festival of Books came & went its duration in the poetry-centric manner that I juggled. Extremely ultra mesmerizing points are topped in the foams in my brains - Rebecca Gayle Howell, Patricia Waters, Adam Vines, Ray McManus, Gary McDowell, Jan LaPerle, Bill Brown, Arne Weingart.

Each astounded in their own manner - jarring, suspicious, authoritative - all the good things that require attendance.

Too many notes, I am under my overwhelm.


Argh: got first proofs back from DoubleCross Press for the lil babe Note on Tundra, due out whenever and at some vanquishing point for myself, promises to keep it real and not vomit in your kitchen sink if I tour behind it or read it all the time.


Two E t A l. readings in the god book of events, what fun these have been with drinking and talks and seeing everyone and shaking hands and scooting around each other, personal thanks to the poets + artists of them - Hannah Gamble, TJ Jarrett, Lucca Soria, Edwin R. Perry, Jesse Mathison, Marie Claire Bryant, Chelsea Velaga, Alexine Rioux.

I'll keep posted in here on futures of them, which there'll be. Come to Nashville yo.

There's an influx spread that considers among it like omelets, or quiche, or stew perhaps the others that are all going now, readings up near you, by those near you, from people near you - one must leap at these and keep the eyes open for them, because they scatter and are not related. They are not known to be related, but a population shows itself in even the slightest presences.

Novembering literarily inside Nashpo/upcoming:

Like especially this. (DIY Poetry Release Reading, PUJOL [or Pujol(?...)], some Vander)

And this. (Classic East Side Story Event, unyielding to time, endures)

Plus this. (The Regenerates Reading Event @ The Stone Fox, fictions)

Lastly, the structured. (Vander related Poet's Corner)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"...veins, No, // Fists the shapes / in the mouth, / drink rings off police hands…" / all ( Kiln ) at PLINTH + Recent nashpo readings note throw

The entirety of my sweet baby "( Kiln )" cut up entirely as it is breathing nicely in PLINTH innards, the preface, the entire, the father built into it in the prose sections in the beginning middle ( he found his way in with a swooping rad line, catch it ), the autobiographical, the traipsing surreal deviations from my bodily existence, there.

Also, "Black Theatre" which strikes to me outward, Cesaire, Rimbaud.

Check it.


OK, reading notes. Long winded roll off of observations that I owe to sort out how & what I think about the matter, the makers of them:

End of Septemberish - Poet's Corner, featuring Amy Wright, was an easy, considered, and delightful time. Wright read from her Cracker Sonnets, her first full length collection. I count myself among the very fortunate to have been the recipient of a deft grace that canopies when she reads. Among her reading, several new things began to formulate re: her full-length and her poetics, in general (I remember somewhat her reading last February at Dino's in the first E t A l. Reading, though my nerves were shot and I was excited to be hosting a reading). Some of which are:

Dips/leanings in/to a prose/narrative arc aid in the contextualization of 'poetic' things, which is they are made more stark and reverential when given a curb upon which to rest/differentiate itself;

Amy's cracker pieces were more biscuity than crackery: what seemed natural and inevitable corridors through which air and rest and breath were able to move in more easy fashion carved from language; hungrous eroticism with language; Pavlovian (physiological tied to the emotional/psychological/linguistic);

Connotations of the term 'cracker' had been fought against, though are still present in the text as it is rendered sonically;

Lovely; in terms of a performative syllabics, Wright's pace, texture, attention to alterations in altitude to theme, pedagogy;

An attention to the organic, natural parts of the earth, those not necessarily functional to or dominated by the synthesis-reproductive systems of people are given a respect that resides as a default and unearned by intrinsically present characteristic of life, as are the living things thereat/in/of; the matter of fact unveiling of esoteric, chosen, re-utilization of terms and words that are most connected with, technically correct descriptors of bug and bug-life achieved a repetitive crescendo and roused a sense of surprise and brisk and buoyancy.


Rad show ( Korean JRU! + Roadblock ) as newer DRKMTTR opens more of itself to the people with more diverse arrangements in social eventry, as in their poetry reading scheduled for OCT 20 with, very arguably, one of the most exciting poetic figures to cruise through to Nashville in recent memory. Boost House founder, vegan, considerate human being, helvetica fiend, & internet poet Steve Roggenbuck. He'll be reading w recent 10,000$ dollar Rattle winner, local poet Tiana Clark + music, somewhere in there.


Then made the Wyatt Prunty / Nathan Spoon reading as the latest execution of Ciona's Lyrical Brew.

I'd seen Wyatt read previously at Parnassus so knew what was in store, a solid, formalist, traditional, story tipped performance whats ease was matched by the the softening of the the season upon the glass surrounding us in that barista zone; Nathan I had not seen but informally known for some amount of time after seeing him frequently and chatting poetry with him, also at Parnassus

Here is the direct, because my eyes are doubling with fatigue, note throw, with perhaps some over arching explanations as to what I was even talking about: 

 A listing, phonemic attention, to nouns + object, of those ready/concrete, imagistic course/nexus;

Phrasal, read as formal upending, augmentation;

Abrupt thrusting "her face wiped" in brevity + syntax (resists the will to explain which = the tendency of over explaining);

"Who knew the bones eternal as they are could be this amorphous?" / Ah: Here is one layering of my perception upon the work: the correlation / proximity between the concrete and the temporary (the physical with the emotional; the known with the uncertain; the universal with the solipsistic). Stone as related to sorrow. This also in relation to, or incorporating, the classic and the contemporary (or the past and the present, the traditionally significant/powerful/stable/masculine with the ineffectual/meek/unstable/ feminine), enacted most vividly in references to classical figures (i.e. Greek figures, gods), this duality (and totality accounted for thereof) also has tinges of Fatalism vs Re-invention (Fate/Will). A trust in a fragment not ever made or working at completion + finality + end.

"Casually wrinkling waters…" / "A too easy assemblage" / A development of the present elegy, elegy of the present ; Offering/supplication (inside the procedure of writing). Among such totalitarian coverage of the singular voice in the poem, does the space of the poem enable an intrinsic potency/volume/significance/hearing (is the poem a hearing? as in trial, a testimony), the permission of the I?


E t A l. Poetry Reading went magnanimously, no review possible considering I was inside of it, suffice it to say that I was fortunate enough to host Lucca Soria, Hanna Gamble, & TJ Jarrett. Much obliged to them for placing themselves on the line and amping the state of poetry in town.

(How it rendered in ma head a few days prior, drawn as to display the benefits of a non-seated crowd)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

E t A l. Poetry Readings Nashville Goest + Where To Go To See Poetry Soon / Really System poem

The E t A l.  Series revives in fresh quarters ( neighbor to new all ages community art venue space DRKMTTR ! ) to pop some poetry readings in Nashville. OCT 3 / SAT (alongside & adjacent to Ft. Houston/Wedgewood Art Crawl) & featuring three airtight rock solid deft poets -

Hannah Gamble (Chicago) // Adam Day (Louisville) // TJ Jarrett (Nashville)

Each has won a ton of awards, gotten that mad cheddar, had their work in brazen journals throughout the nation, done slick things. More to come, updates, poster, info, gossip, merch. C a l l  o u t  s i c k or get the evening off or  q u i t  maybe now, two weeks=positive  r e f e r e n c e.


Out over at Really System ( #8), you can find my extra proto linguistic communique sending of ourselves away to "Boatship" among ( Inpatient's Daniel Schwartz ! ), read as boat is. 

I watched Master & Commander: The Far Side of The World forty-two times in six weeks. 

Thanks to Patrick Williams, ed., for alleviating that burden, going along with the system.


Upcomings, havent listed readings attended or otherwise, Beard on Books has the topology of the Nashville lit scene more than pretty well-charted, but 3 readings in Nashville that I'm very happy to consider attendance to soon, these are free :

9/24 (THU) - Poet's Corner w/ Amy Wright (Vanderbilt, Scarritt Bennett) @ 7pm

** p o e t r y  O P T I O N S that hurt to take one or the other

9/25 (FRI) - Lyrical Brew w/ Nathan Spoon + Wyatt Prunty (Barnes & Noble, Vander) @ 7pm
9/25 (FRI) - Beth Bachmann + David Baker (Parnassus, Green Hills) @ 6:30pm

*10/3 (SAT) - E t A l. Poetry Readings w/ Hannah Gamble + Adam Day + TJ Jarrett (Where TBA) @, like, 8pm

Also - the Southern Fest of Books is dang near, three days of attendance and morning birds and school-like backpacking war memorial & NPL (10/9 - 10/11)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reading from the o n e poetries: The Stone Fox, 9/14 (Mon., 2 for 1's) + photo booth, body paint, sprayed art videos

Upcoming poetries reading Monday at The Stone Fox w Nashville heavy lifterer Gary McDowell, & Lance Umenhofer as part of the ol Regenerates crew, 2 for 1's in addition to a ruckus type ensemble of medias and engagements as in: body painting, two for ones, poetry reading, two for ones, screen print station, two for ones, photo booth, two for ones, video projections all over the place, drinking games, like I said, ruckus. Free to enter, free to enjoy, free to heckle. 7-9pm ish.

I'll be selling my small copies of o n e and offering an absolute rebate to be taken in personally and in merriment the personal with me then unisons full.

Come out, do not stay in, do not close your eyes, keep unslept.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"…Stood on chairs, / because / cenotaph, / vocable / because / quay, tear / be torn…" / Really System poem soon

Got then that gotten piecemeal the word from Really System on their front to forward in future that when their next is out I shall be amongst. 'Boatship: Port Layout Gossips' is a drag down from awhile back and now seeing its own smearing out of the caves into the townsfolk, as thus spoke zarathustra almost, so have it, rumor and straight, plod and strut, adrift and ahead, this a piece to stray my part of stray parts, on the layering of hearing/here and constructing/awayness. I keep you in awares, invisible disabilities, September sometime.



Tonya M. Foster & Jen Scappettone getting in on the notion of site/place -


A white noise punk protomartyr silver mt zion women half zombie ramones art type sound outfit /


Thursday, August 13, 2015

"… a thing / is too large when it goes / forming oppositions // field / splits deliberate / vibrating nearly dark." / O n e arrived by Inpatient Press

Two birds, one stone, ha laid over my own self to the point of hysteria and here two chaps unfurl, one electronic friend defriended upon me by bad blurb vibe and timeframes, but here the two of them are, present and soon to be present -

o n e

Approx. 25 pgs. / Inpatient Press (2015) / by Matthew Johnstone / $ 5 
Transparent cover-back cover sheet

o n e is joined with us out of the people it was composed by, then into the computer, then out of it onto rad format and issued forth, that the Inpatient Press guys did, Daniel Schwartz and Michael Anzuoni. Gratitudes be to they: this pooch is only a $five$ dollar stroll down the greenback highway, cheaper than a Hot-N-Ready ( because those are 6.68 w tax, psh ), and it has more slices (!). It's linked to over on the right side of this page eh?


Plus, and moreover :

Note on Tundra is in the stage of pre-order to purchase with blind leap money, ten, but if you come to town I'll buy you a drink at a two for one bar, so really this pup is only going to run you a thin ten bucks ( which, when leveed toward the destructive other tendencies at which we toss the monies might seem less useful or gratifying, but query me at this and we can discuss or I buy you drinks and pour over a handmade copy? ).

Do it, pay this pal and jump me your cash for lifestyle gamesmanship?


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"…Your face does not / come apart which is / you are in no past / that does not move." / some poems soon w the sensation feelings + PLINTH

Learned from the connie in charge the sensation feelings decides the decision for putting out one more o n e plus a personally lovely important tossing ready piece called Still, Detritivore ( in which I make several admissions that sort of frighten me, are the reason I wrote the thing/write things? ).

These due out October / November when, so obvious reminders are in the future, but the sensation feelings is an upholder and risky in touch with a certain emotive precision, to be thusly, and getting at what most other places don't get to. 

I'd advise checking out their 1st, and their 2nd as one waits for the 3rd.



The niche-dark splayed down upon the rust crown spire of cities, edges of knives bigger than houses, PLINTH will be new zone for the e n t i r e t y of "( Kiln )" ( the entire thing ) sometime near the futures, also for them a thing of contemporaneousness deemed 'Black Theatre' which I once read @ Dino's and called it 'political.'

Check their matter and be at the tips of the eyes for their new.

Also: watch

Also look at Cancel descend then obliterate: 

"…hey creeping thing…throat full…about that time…

"yes...jackdoor havoc…jackdoor havoc…hey, billy…yes"