Friday, December 16, 2011

Un-swill: Poetry Sucks, Rd. 2 at Dino's

Dino's, Poetry Sucks, #2. An exhalation proves now warmer in than out. Dino's in warming inside pulls in the crowds well. And poetry. Advertised reader Nickole Brown cancelled, but Murray State University adjunct creative writing prof Pamela Johnson Parker read from an intimate, moving ( one not only because the other ) project ( "I Stand Here Ironing: A Fairy Tale"? ) on domesticity ( washed corsets, remove the steel, "...birth needed the abdomen for more birth..." ) that hushed throngs. She epigraphed Kenneth Koch. Hepburn, K. fringe.

Musical interlude of Mystery Twins and the bass notes carried outside, then PUJOL's hyper-literate lead man Daniel Pujol ( who made the cover of The Scene this week ) read ( in one moment echoed whitman-ginsberg: "...weeping internet of the Spirit..." ). A not unmusical poem.

Positive reinforcement, conditioned learning, stood, bear with fire, and hoola hooping, and coat-tails, and a tent whose glowy insides seduce the outsides, usually never collapsing.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The constant rooms, winter, / our minds dry; // much.

December thin make my eating my hair, eye, rescindingly, the hours the planet, what've let, fetters to the frozen puddle, to the river lungs on it there. "Moat, moat, moat." goes Julia Cohen.

Have you heard: GlitterPony is dismantling its glitter suit after this most recent (#13) (?)

Apparently, kicking across the abyss into a new GlitterPony 2.0 manifestion (which is I don't know what), but the quality is sure to remain sequin queen gag sized grand bird everywhere not the bees, not the bees (!) : Billy Cancel, Elizabeth Witte and Bruce Covey have soul power.

Jana Hunter &or The Lower Dens &or Jana Hunter as I Jaunt North Carolina way to take Black Mt. ruins, carbon-date fielding: