Thursday, January 30, 2014

"... Talk about the cave again / one / every surface is provoked ..." / "o n e" parts to Opon

Ol' baby-cheek-wingbone Meagen Crawford has a webstation ( ! ) - Throughout which one can zoom sectors and move around minutiaes, continually reorganize the layers of, hierarchies of, syntax of.


Opon has agreed to principals, to put up entrance to "o n e" ( I ) plus more : II, III, V, X, XI, XVI, XX. Their next is up in the next month or two, maybe February March time. 


Plus a new reading space in town, still Vanderrelated, on campus -  Space 204 ( ? ) Anyhow, it hosts the second next most closest reading, city.

1/29 - Lyrical Brew, Barnes & Noble ( W. End )
2/22 - Space 204, Vander

Monday, January 27, 2014

"...One at the houses here, periods. / One counts boar..." / Two chunks from "o n e" at Inpatient Press

So, you there, where you are: a couple sections from a thing called "o n e" ( 'IX' and 'IV' ) will get a bit of space from Inpatient Press, in their Webworks section, a space updated often and frequently, upcoming, sometime, uptime.

Some other three, from "Rum Gums" are going to be in their print publication, in May I think. I think they're surreal, read many Camus to conjure, tone, entity glare, narrate ominous disorientation.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Of Montreal / missed + next reading / Damien Jurado


Ok. Of Montreal was a physical event. Some were the things that were lost, equilibrium, cash, function, the top of my flask rendering it a tin cup with no mobility now, some were the blue tape tears I wore to the cheeks, some too much so to form earthly language, some was the encore: "The Past is a Grotesque Animal" ( where 4:19 began optic visceral chant ).


Nashville + poetry, tattoo or tree cut.

Missed Rick Hilles read, that was it, missed it.

The next Ciona Lyrical Brew is a Nashville picnic of sun: two local gents from the academy, plus a software developer. I am, in short, directly going, to society.

1/31. That ol' Barnes & Noble. 7pm.



still Kentucky, caves -


And Detroit is for some at the hearts and lips I think. And writers. Like a bumper sticker inside of a red heart saying "Detroit is for writers."