Thursday, February 28, 2013

New missed nashville reading series / more spontaneous attended musics

A new reading series in Nashville? And at the very back tale end moment of national poetry month, yowzah. I was completely absent at the first of the monthly Lyrical Brew ( ... ) readings held at the Vanderbilt Barnes and Noble. Hosted by Ciana Touse. Tiana Clark ( ? ) read, so did ( uh ) Diallo McLendon

I did, though, go to Stone Fox to see Majestico & Fly Golden Eagle last eve. The innkeeper had the lights warm, and all was grand in that boxhouse. Sexpop awe summer dada pop mixtape video synchronized mixtape feel seductive womb immersion at the latter band, an Majestico sang a song that could stay (apparently, a new one) news.


Also, 'pider been biting yr auntie's ankle bones:


Trying for this. Make the translated more familiar.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Born-incident: 'P i d e r ya'll

Dear Trud,

'Pider #1 can be seen by you now, of poetic an music too.

Crawford does the bannercrown.

Praise to contributors Chris Hosea, Debrah Morkun, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Ash Reiter, and Beef Oven for being pistols in bouquet.

Soon to canvas heavy area-points heavy with bustle for solicitations, hope for fresh noise, rugged dialect, connecting weathers, etc ( all featuring the taunt: " 'Pider // gonna get / you / one day. / Submit." )

Arrive soon, be at the top of the mound ( unmounded ),