Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nashpo reading / Jurado + Hoffman

Lyrical Brew recent : mass and volume are some indication of the density, also are the figures toward what these move. Perhaps the largest turnout as of yet. TJ Jarrett, Jeff Hardin.

Gary L McDowell - the reasoning is the less fixed a thing the more open it is ( steaknive - laddle ), the oscillations are a difference of, and heavily, approach ( for the brunt of the difference ), influence or 'craft' or trajectory, having an arc means seeing its beginning as such, knowing it gets its way, as in metonymy, as in if the thing itself has its parts as analogy, web, orbit, relation is its project, at hand, not necessarily sensuous or sensical. I attribute a large portion of these to the manufacturing of the thing, "I have no desk" is: guerrilla, direct, synaptic, jot, stitch, thread count visible and helm, the thing is arrayed going, should be so, and, here, is so. 


And Damien, Kentucky, minimalist. 


Plus Philip Seymour Hoffman ( ? )

Boogie Nights

The Master
The Big Lebowski