Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Namaste houseshow / missed reading

Tao, Mingus ( I've bee'd through all of Yo La Tengo, their bests always are the 8-14 min songs, with mantra chant bass lines repeating under/around distortion ), Oppen, Aime Cesaire's Notebook. Don Delillo!


Namaste houseshow friendparty bday keg-in-the-el-camino went swell - Kin Ship, The Beef-Hags, R. Ghosts, Clear Plastic Masks stirred such a hotfoot party brew that everyone sloshed in the cup, backyard cuba 50's DIY economic setups mingled abuzz atop ourselves, we all split into sounds just pushed through each other unbodied then rebodied in materials leaned out on, I did.


Missed B&N's Lyrical Brew this last saturday. These things happen.

PoetrySucks! to host an open mic at where else Dino's on the 6th, go sure, sure.