Friday, March 21, 2014

Missed Nashpo Reading / Paper Lakes Show Yall

Rats, again fell upon me layouts of the vandercampus, nice to walk through hard to walk through to see ya. Kendra Decolo read her stuff elsewhere me charging into exam halls searching elsewheres. If only the polarizing, seeing the thing and people, seeing the people thing.


Are you going to the Paper Lakes rawk thang this very eve, dang, Beef Oven, plus I think Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, Ranch Ghost, Blank Range, key key figures in the town town.


Timber Timbre new album Hot Dreams out next week hootie hoo.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"...opposite of / contained..." / Opon + El Aleph + Inpatient Press

Buy it without seeing it. Not the manner I enjoy getting writing out - behind the velvet sheet of bought. But, and, I am one, of many, to have some thing ( "Paloma: Ground Work" ) in the new only El Aleph Press publication, magazine issue #1 - amongst Sampson Starkweather, Ben Segal, Logan Fry, plus others. It's probably really nice, I think I get a copy too for no moneys.


Certain portions of my "o n e" chaptered project have been unleashed through soonly Opon #3, and already the Inpatient Press subsection called 'The Webworks Plexus.' Please do, I intend them to be interred into a chappy done up with the illustrations of the Crawford.

I will charge five buckos for it and they all go to opening of an IRA as per insistent family requests.


Soon, in town - 

3/20 - Vanderbilt, Visiting Writers Series, Kendra DeColo
3/27 - Scarritt Bennett Center, Gary McDowell