Monday, May 28, 2012

"...Custer blonde, tore sunny / aegean // Low / precinct..."

R e a d i n '    m u s i c 

Coconut returns ( ! ) , and man-man  BlazeVOX has a new thing up, their Spring issue.

Recently renewed exposure to David Lau's Lana Turner ( a smartly, fascinatingly, broadly genre'd online/print source of inspirado and grandness ), I recommend spending some time with #4, Alli Warren's three poems, & Lau's essay on 'action', if your a/c's on, it's a hundred degrees outside ( not counting humidity ), the sky's booming out past the dome, Mem Day.

And and and, Wave Books has a database of source texts from which a poetry game, in which one deletes an undetermined amount of words in order to create a new text, the same text, only modified, a new text, do it, a poetry is a transcendent process whats feverish narcotic is usually itself reward ( often regardless of what is actually created, sometimes, hopefully, transmitted right on through a poetry ) : Erasures.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We exist in a curve of separates,/ thinner of, fronts,/ border thinning,/ Objects in/ the hair of the animal...

Spent the better part of this last weekcycle getting into BlazeVOX's Winter 2011 more than 400 pages of poetry &or prose. Late to that party late in the wrong season, surrounded by a birth of humidity. I feel like an AC/DC song. And a Yo La Tengo. And and Flux of Pink Indians.

What sticks :

Sean Borodale :  

"... Today the hive
is trying out its harmonics
A weepy low fugue I think to burning sun ...
Some clumps of the world are barred ...
and the river’s
clogged two miles of hemlock rots ... 
must search the dawn’s
damp ash for broken mirrors ..."   

"... a slurry of collapsed swarm agitates in there
like the very black bowl of a
dead stare into itching solid
And there in that bludgeoned hole is the idea of a calf
not broken but fully bruised and blocked up with clay plugs
Mistaken bees
blackly weep from its ears
The colony has one time ..."

Aviva Englander Cristy :  

Charles Wilkinson :

"... This glassy
humour in the gel leaves shapes that
will not laugh or fix: movement
defeats the mind that only tricks the
constant image. Now there are these
dark forms, fallen from behind sight

minko terez 

Kristi Nimmo 

"... Bearded, with iris
And small rabbits, the grasshoppers
Chewing, oozing tobacco stains,
The rivulets of sweat sinking

Jim Bennett 

"... the land swallowed the sound of death
is a shake and a rush... the bliss of solitude

Jen Besemer :   

"the return of certain birds        that's a start.         how much stink
bug per blackberry bush and all that…         tinker with a car in the dusk
               cornhusk    terrible     demon    squash   in    undergrowth.
nobody's varmint fence works.       the old lust for mud       daft

Richard Cronshey :

"... Los Angeles

Monday, May 14, 2012

"... affecting, with regard to, or in respect of / to ..." - Jim Bennett

Holy moly, a bent old man bursting with Russian language grabbed my arms, whirled me searching eyes with disgust, then dasvidaniya'd me on his way to who knows, and I crossed 21st to sit at the bus, mornings are when things make the least sense. 

Much Lars Von Trier lately, Charlotte is changing, my throat is closing a little, a process of scraping has been enacted for what seems weeks now, of pneumonias. 

And much, much immersive poetries, about which I am proud. Some concerns, notions, practices are discussed in the following transcription of a page of notes written on the reverse of a movie schedule, at Harmony Holiday's recap-chat of her book Negro League Baseball ( see the packed page at Coldfront ) : 

Race, representations enacted within/of a racial binary, null representations ...

Banter on an intuitive composition, a violative ( but not meandering necessarily ) composition that is capable of ( and is therefore expanding via )  negating/ redefining/upsetting/reforming/violating/meditating upon itself and what is pre-said in saying ( Mackey is referred to here, in my mind, with his inverting, traumatic chants, pulsed/cubist rhythms, orbited musicality as in a jazz-hive ) ... 

CONCERNING JAZZ - Mingus, Shepp, Dolphy, Coltrane, Miles, Charlie Parker, Gillespie : before the series begins to sour, before it is realized is let go, the cue of jazz ( or jazz as it pertains to these artists, perhaps 'bop' ) was to me the ability to do away with completion and stagnation, to see these as unnecessary, unappealing, passe, tired notions / ... / something cannot go on living forever, the candle burns itself out of existence attempting, the room is dark before the room is light enough to realize the room, "...deconstruction through duplication...," riff, the fun in the telephone game is duplication is usurped by the human tendency of connotation, impression, a mis-knowing, energy within the ORBIT, space and alteration of materials occurring between presentation and duplication ( re-presentation ), hive, farm, network, web ...

CUBISM - presentation of re-presentations, canvas of the ability to undo canvas ...
Embedded music vids anchor/refract the major expressions of the interview : Mingus/Holiday, previous post on terrific article by Arielle Greenberg ( on contemporary, innovative African-american poetries ) ... 


( I cannot recall the author, but here is a fine example )

"... matter of undoing reflection back to sparklers 
and the hand (spinning, carnivalesque) the sparks 
are biting into.  The sort of door this biting makes
hot against the spinning hand circling a brightness ..."

THE ORBIT is a consuming thing, for me because of the yield of connotation, Stein stuff, a stray, a center of points, hydra, skeletonizing every other point ( the possibility of other points ), composed of what enacts it, pushing/pulling course, the unknown course yields, not tennis without a net unorthodox net... remembering Herbert's DUNE ( applied to poetry ) - the relationship between Stagnation / Destruction, that "... Absolute prediction is completion . . . is death..." &, concerning the ability to construct, to fight "... a temptation to choose a clear, safe course... that path leads ever down into stagnation."