Monday, May 28, 2012

"...Custer blonde, tore sunny / aegean // Low / precinct..."

R e a d i n '    m u s i c 

Coconut returns ( ! ) , and man-man  BlazeVOX has a new thing up, their Spring issue.

Recently renewed exposure to David Lau's Lana Turner ( a smartly, fascinatingly, broadly genre'd online/print source of inspirado and grandness ), I recommend spending some time with #4, Alli Warren's three poems, & Lau's essay on 'action', if your a/c's on, it's a hundred degrees outside ( not counting humidity ), the sky's booming out past the dome, Mem Day.

And and and, Wave Books has a database of source texts from which a poetry game, in which one deletes an undetermined amount of words in order to create a new text, the same text, only modified, a new text, do it, a poetry is a transcendent process whats feverish narcotic is usually itself reward ( often regardless of what is actually created, sometimes, hopefully, transmitted right on through a poetry ) : Erasures.