Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Let's Be Close Rope to mast, you Old Light" / Plus Insulation Poems

Saintly Raymond Farr and his Blue & Yellow Dog Press will be publishing my collection of poems entitled, "Let's be close Rope to mast, you Old light". "Rope to mast" will be available for purchase at the Blue & Yellow Dog bookstore in November sometime. Friend, poet, artist Meagen Crawford has agreed to art the cover and I'm ever so peached about it.

One might check
Blue & Yellow Dog

In the meantime, I'm finishing up the Insulation Poems.

Here's a chunk of one:

Only one man throws his


Discernible self,

inwardmost country.

Intimate layout,

twisting the change of distance.

Collect every worthy limb,

be covered, and cover.

Held past myth.

I met no one

singing this migration song.

Have a citizen's throat,

monument keep me.

I force

the divergence of myself upon it,

swimming through animals who

do not enjoy being swam through.