Monday, December 16, 2013

"The president is obsessed: / breathing at the sun..." / El Aleph Press

El Aleph Pressplanet with many transistors, received a thing of mine and will do something with it. They do nice broadsides out there too.


Also Pablo Neruda just regular died.

Also the newish DEAR SIR, is a fun night, one can be out and leather and dance? But Dear Sir, stays fun. Brad Vogler’s erasure (?) proj gets out the snow fear and paranoias and shaky propellants, and C Dylan Bassett’s work keeps close to the bone, does not go on vacation, good ol’ George Mckim punches a hole in the narrative with the connectivity threshold, fusing, orienting, culling in his piece.

Also ... 4:30, of


Next one in town

Poet's Corner, that Vanderbiltish monthly meet, is up again: Rick Hilles - 12/19

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Earth hound./ Soap butcher./ Skeleton laying on its side./ Husbands beetles soviet dung tuft.." / poems in Likewise Folio

I'm a complete vassal for not having read this. Olson, The Distances.


am reading


Nikki Giovoni read again but not to me, elsewhere ( website design )

Gaylord Brewer read at Scarritt-Bennett, & I missed that ( website whistle )

Then Ciona Rouse did another Lyrical Brew 

I caught the tail of the trio by that last, but, ah now is December, alongside, curled in, atop.


and what, the music blog aggregator extraordinaire is now a single word hovering at all the internet hordes of internet hoofsounds ( ? ) 

All Day and All of the Night by The Kinks on Grooveshark

Windowlicker by Aphex Twin on Grooveshark

Dondante by My Morning Jacket on Grooveshark

HOLDING ON THE BLACK METAL by My Morning Jacket on Grooveshark


and been space - Likewise Folio has agreed in principals to set up some pieces in their next batch, to commit batch; they do it bi-monthly. Abigail Zimmer made me do it.