Saturday, September 19, 2015

E t A l. Poetry Readings Nashville Goest + Where To Go To See Poetry Soon / Really System poem

The E t A l.  Series revives in fresh quarters ( neighbor to new all ages community art venue space DRKMTTR ! ) to pop some poetry readings in Nashville. OCT 3 / SAT (alongside & adjacent to Ft. Houston/Wedgewood Art Crawl) & featuring three airtight rock solid deft poets -

Hannah Gamble (Chicago) // Adam Day (Louisville) // TJ Jarrett (Nashville)

Each has won a ton of awards, gotten that mad cheddar, had their work in brazen journals throughout the nation, done slick things. More to come, updates, poster, info, gossip, merch. C a l l  o u t  s i c k or get the evening off or  q u i t  maybe now, two weeks=positive  r e f e r e n c e.


Out over at Really System ( #8), you can find my extra proto linguistic communique sending of ourselves away to "Boatship" among ( Inpatient's Daniel Schwartz ! ), read as boat is. 

I watched Master & Commander: The Far Side of The World forty-two times in six weeks. 

Thanks to Patrick Williams, ed., for alleviating that burden, going along with the system.


Upcomings, havent listed readings attended or otherwise, Beard on Books has the topology of the Nashville lit scene more than pretty well-charted, but 3 readings in Nashville that I'm very happy to consider attendance to soon, these are free :

9/24 (THU) - Poet's Corner w/ Amy Wright (Vanderbilt, Scarritt Bennett) @ 7pm

** p o e t r y  O P T I O N S that hurt to take one or the other

9/25 (FRI) - Lyrical Brew w/ Nathan Spoon + Wyatt Prunty (Barnes & Noble, Vander) @ 7pm
9/25 (FRI) - Beth Bachmann + David Baker (Parnassus, Green Hills) @ 6:30pm

*10/3 (SAT) - E t A l. Poetry Readings w/ Hannah Gamble + Adam Day + TJ Jarrett (Where TBA) @, like, 8pm

Also - the Southern Fest of Books is dang near, three days of attendance and morning birds and school-like backpacking war memorial & NPL (10/9 - 10/11)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reading from the o n e poetries: The Stone Fox, 9/14 (Mon., 2 for 1's) + photo booth, body paint, sprayed art videos

Upcoming poetries reading Monday at The Stone Fox w Nashville heavy lifterer Gary McDowell, & Lance Umenhofer as part of the ol Regenerates crew, 2 for 1's in addition to a ruckus type ensemble of medias and engagements as in: body painting, two for ones, poetry reading, two for ones, screen print station, two for ones, photo booth, two for ones, video projections all over the place, drinking games, like I said, ruckus. Free to enter, free to enjoy, free to heckle. 7-9pm ish.

I'll be selling my small copies of o n e and offering an absolute rebate to be taken in personally and in merriment the personal with me then unisons full.

Come out, do not stay in, do not close your eyes, keep unslept.