Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"( Kiln )" unleashed on y'all y'all / "…place is names event" for Regenerates' reading

After having writ the thing out, exchanged portions for other, torque, section, resection, compress into necessary size and figure something what requires interchange with environ, somatics, externalizations, impressions, revelations, oppositions, "( Kiln )" is a thing you can. 

Each typed, most with errors slight and some broad, various intuitive changes that occurred after several typings of the entirety of it written by memory at some points and not what was it was, each "( Kiln )" is irrevocably unique in this way. 

Unique as also in that cover to cover illustrations are variously approached with a correlative set of dank materials, pattern, color, shape, textures by pan-omni-hydra-artist Meagen Crawford. Each a dialogue, resurfacing, redirection, replacing.

Each is of about 6 x 4 inches (standard folded halfways) then tri-puncture lace bound ease, on some good thick stock whiteish paper, approx. 25 pages. 

$7 bucks flat ( which is a steal I think slightly because I'm putting stamps on the thing ).

No etsy, no nothing, just email me:

"…too required to hold / synonyms / to use one's own air" / some "o n e" over to Gesture / Halloween Haps frrreeebbeeerrrr / Regenerates Reading + missed reading

Excerpts from o n e are getting a place among the good people of Gesture. Three issues under their belts, the next output is atop the skeleton of 'Phenomenology'. Keep your eyes to itDue I dunno.


The ol' Franciscan Giants are finessing their way to the end of season by trying to win the very last game. Good thing "I'm sorry,  about baseball" is already a thing, bestilled as I am in numerous elements of the game. Read chunks from it, in its entirety really, from links over on the right, or buy, or trade for.


Been packing in the earbuds to these people -



Rebecca Bates messes with time and pace, intuition, immediacy, and her own self in some worthwhile pieces sometimes mentioning Rebecca Bates.

Missed the David Kirby reading by minutes? Mandate, by mandate,


The halloween is almost with us, coming up that night is a few differing places, the one with free beer is the Beef Oven / Ranch Ghost / Slammers / Waxed one over at Fort Houston, where they keep the art crawls proletariat and provide free beer to the working class.   

I'll be a part with a Regenerates reading with some others that morning at Belmont at 10ish if around y'all.

Also then the next day participating in the Regenerates event at the art crawl, Saturday, what busy weekenderings, around the same place, over at Track 1, at night, at night, in November.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Southern Fest of Books Results: Play-By-Play

Plus the technologies are breaking down, a comma is decades in own of its making. It is dragged, when a thing is highlighted it is not remembered.

Haven't the energies to much so will get it in here as much as I can. 


Amy Wright Zinefest thing at Watkins, a very nice piece with Kaaren Engel called "Specimens, Mount 4," "…blazon bright as sunlit / off of exhumed gold…" / "…Light gobbled by amber…" / "Pierced with a gold pin… miniatures intimidate smally / those who fear astronomic catastrophe."

The Southern Festival of Books happened with standouts by Kevin Powers, Bill Brown, Deborah Bernhardt, Adrian Matejka, Kendra DeColo, Patricia Lockwood.

I think I've seen K-pow read before, his even, concentrated, direct treatment of the indirect things ( "...war is making little pieces of metal pass through each other…" ) orbiting violence, that seems like the impulse to seek within the writing, in the relations, the concern in a non-bodied origin toward bodies destroying among each other, ideas of world replacing the world itself, articulations amongst/by/from a complex of obscurities ( "…I can tell you exactly what I mean, I can tell you exactly what I mean…" ), the body is obscure when / how it is built and learns to be unbuilt, language and poetry with Powers' work too, clarifying the questions when the answers seem finished, the beginnings of silences ( 'in order to achieve a war-like state language has to fail,' war is the breaking down of language between ), the reading was "Destruction & Creation: Inspired by War."

Billy Brown, had his gentle, healed, old-school-grey poetics working, everything he said was true or rather correct from lives, them life muscles, lives that even though we don't know we know and the things in them are dedicated to us, BB brought out instances of grief and trauma in such graceful manner, imploring, letting ( which is something to admire in the writing ) as in from his own certainties he wanted to be ours too, his event was "Portraits & Voices".

D-Bern was her rad reading self, considered, diction-level operations tying to Silliman's New Sentence parameter, playful and propulsions through by the inquisitiveness of the poem itself to arrange itself, align its own parts to completion and point ( wrote "bring yourself to points" ), the breaking in of for a reassembleage back out, MORPHEMICS, PHONEMICS, the deception of layers to the words ( got a big laugh from an end of "… not my name when you are on" ), attentions heaped to its own being read and presented to the reader ( in "texture… text her" ), processual then projection, "exquisite factoid," a narrative sketched in them, at "What Stays and What Goes: Longing, Loyalty, Loss".

Adrian Matejka read on the boxer Jack Johnson in series of cool engagement, Jack in black & white playing behind him on a screen beating white men, the continuing myth, historian and project of one of creative's first american athletes ( "We eat cold eels and thing distant thoughts…" ?-! ), the enlivened history, the Bukowksi, the poetry of movement, ego, resistance and pressure, as Judo and Sambo, paradox and imposition, the event was the old "Boxing: Poems of The Pugilist Journey".

KenCo read perhaps the best reading of the event, evoking her poems with a sensational vibrance and validity, have seen before, but she is stapled ( as has been previously said ) to this Nashpo and to the body in the work ( at one point says that a teacher had upon reading the poems that would become the book Thieves in the Afterlife, that these are poems that require a measured and careful execution, the third word was "pussy" ), the augmentation of body and the relation of body to anxieties, ego, force of it pushing through the world with/into all the other ones, concern of the primary way into the world - that dermis we got ( of which for many sex is pinnacle, exacting, bonus ), "spunk," "Wendy's fish sandwiches," a great exchange on what "tone" means, those exact moments that are the authors, those difficult to cut, those that seem embedded from the start, those lines or words that seem to be about/for/with the author and not the poem.

An especially interesting thing I found in Language In Society - Sexist Discourse in Men's Health and Cosmopolitan.

PLock was the most followed online persona at the fest ( " you know who I am?" ), got there early enough to get in casual visual range, was hopped up or down on meds and assisted into energy to read, instead of reading 'poems' she read a series of poetic essays ( themselves poetic and damn well comedic, for which I began thinking of her as a comedian-poet because she pushes objects, associations, tangents, examples further than we see them in non-surrealist poetry, this is an especially fantastic portion in the work, leading to astonishing positions that seem not exploratory but landed, fable not story, bits on Frost and collecting leaves and neighbors building a wall for every time they see him collecting his leaves ), carnivalesque, a diatribe on names "Gary," "Orville."

The ridiculousness of the lady body, "juggy," new brutalism, weight or volume, celebrity mag, the nobility, absurdity, indifference, oppositions, intuitions/counter intuitions, fixations, wry, transparency of, these , how these formations of / composed gender perfomativity further a deep and ubiquitous inequality, sectionalism, anxiety, oppressive tendency, whose trajectory is this / these bodies, how fix, deter, grant, ease, let.

How do I not agree that poetry is comedic or comic or funny, I don't know, is comedy not poetry after something else, concept ( ? ), most comedy is not poetry, how does one laugh at ( can one laugh at anything ? ) poetry, how does one assume voice with fervency? Bringing a great certainty about to the uncertainties?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

SoFest of Books

Lordness, lordness, scandals the days fill with, and though not neutral, am circumnavigating. Have been circumnavigating, rough islands, catalogues of lockened drums, bang talk, glass cleaner, cities of them easy, too easy with no account, insulated, without staring, without an ease of each being their way, there's a big rant that is not here, but it's being said minutely out there. Also said with the mad closing of HTMLgiant.

All this amongst the action-orientation set forth in David Brazil's Little Red Leaves e-book Economy.


Great scott, The Southern Festival of Books is upon us once more, its start is tomorrow, dtown. Schedule of poetry events thusly -


(12 - 1:30), Two Poets Are Better Than One: Collaborative Writing, 3rd Floor Library, Program Room
(2 - 3), Destruction and Creation: Poetry & Prose Inspired By War, Library Auditorium

(3 - 4), Portraits & Voices: Two Southern Poets, Library, Special Collections Room
(3 - 4), The Atrocities And Glories Of Our World: Two Poets, Library Conference Room III
(3 - 4), Writing Well With Others: Community Building, Creative Collaboration, And Literary Arts, Room 29, Legislative Plaza


(10:30 - 12), Playing With Form And Structure: Three Poets, Library Conference Room II
(11-12:30), The Brutal, The Tender: Poems Of Cultural Identity, Legislative Plaza

(12:30-2), Keepsakes, Mockingbirds And The Southern Landscape: Three Poets, 3rd Floor Library, Program Room

(2-3), Within, Without: Poems of Catharsis And Discovery, Library Conference Room II
(2-3), Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (33 1/3), Conference Room III
(2-3), Poetry Out Loud, Youth Stage, Library
(2-3), Race, Women, and Boxing: Poems of the Pugilist Journey, Library Special Collections Room

(3-4), Profundities, Profanities, And Wry Poetics, Library Special Colletions Room

(4-5:30), Something's Rising: Emerging Poets & Novelists Of The New Rough South, Room 30 Legislative Plaza
(4-5:30), What Stays And What Goes: Poems On Longing, Loyalty & Loss, Library Conference Room III


(12-1:30), Alluring Threats of The Everyday: Three Poets, Library Conference Room II

O, PS, Saturday also features 2014's Print Crawl, 3-10pm... 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Not resolution: / Recurrence. Not cursed  together or said / to now be to said / and not given over to image, / just held / away not to. 

Bees by Animal Collective on Grooveshark

October, Jackqueline Frost's Young Americans, impromptu reading the other night, same as Parnassus ( something of the place is not my income level or detergent class ), at Eastside Story's outdoor sky theatre, hosted by Ciona Rouse who is kindest. Chase Davenport read, as too Tiana ClarkJade Sylvan read with smasher energy, wide fluency, full disclosure and hot reference from Kissing Oscar Wilde, it was an absolute delight to have that departure from the reading parameters that often seem stoic and overly so, instead urgent, expelling, prosaic out as memory as in performed of chronicle to self folded in language.


Missed Pile, but heard they played newer and not older at The Stone Fox.


About as far into See, they return as I've been, this from portion 4 -

We call the separate nothing
apart /
eagerness of these which / to move on us


in the place of / meant
a moving / to / crowd
on the person / 

These the keepers whilst -

Banshee Beat by Animal Collective on Grooveshark

The Summer by Yo La Tengo on Grooveshark

Be Thankful For What You Got by Yo La Tengo on Grooveshark