Thursday, October 9, 2014

SoFest of Books

Lordness, lordness, scandals the days fill with, and though not neutral, am circumnavigating. Have been circumnavigating, rough islands, catalogues of lockened drums, bang talk, glass cleaner, cities of them easy, too easy with no account, insulated, without staring, without an ease of each being their way, there's a big rant that is not here, but it's being said minutely out there. Also said with the mad closing of HTMLgiant.

All this amongst the action-orientation set forth in David Brazil's Little Red Leaves e-book Economy.


Great scott, The Southern Festival of Books is upon us once more, its start is tomorrow, dtown. Schedule of poetry events thusly -


(12 - 1:30), Two Poets Are Better Than One: Collaborative Writing, 3rd Floor Library, Program Room
(2 - 3), Destruction and Creation: Poetry & Prose Inspired By War, Library Auditorium

(3 - 4), Portraits & Voices: Two Southern Poets, Library, Special Collections Room
(3 - 4), The Atrocities And Glories Of Our World: Two Poets, Library Conference Room III
(3 - 4), Writing Well With Others: Community Building, Creative Collaboration, And Literary Arts, Room 29, Legislative Plaza


(10:30 - 12), Playing With Form And Structure: Three Poets, Library Conference Room II
(11-12:30), The Brutal, The Tender: Poems Of Cultural Identity, Legislative Plaza

(12:30-2), Keepsakes, Mockingbirds And The Southern Landscape: Three Poets, 3rd Floor Library, Program Room

(2-3), Within, Without: Poems of Catharsis And Discovery, Library Conference Room II
(2-3), Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (33 1/3), Conference Room III
(2-3), Poetry Out Loud, Youth Stage, Library
(2-3), Race, Women, and Boxing: Poems of the Pugilist Journey, Library Special Collections Room

(3-4), Profundities, Profanities, And Wry Poetics, Library Special Colletions Room

(4-5:30), Something's Rising: Emerging Poets & Novelists Of The New Rough South, Room 30 Legislative Plaza
(4-5:30), What Stays And What Goes: Poems On Longing, Loyalty & Loss, Library Conference Room III


(12-1:30), Alluring Threats of The Everyday: Three Poets, Library Conference Room II

O, PS, Saturday also features 2014's Print Crawl, 3-10pm...