Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"…too required to hold / synonyms / to use one's own air" / some "o n e" over to Gesture / Halloween Haps frrreeebbeeerrrr / Regenerates Reading + missed reading

Excerpts from o n e are getting a place among the good people of Gesture. Three issues under their belts, the next output is atop the skeleton of 'Phenomenology'. Keep your eyes to itDue I dunno.


The ol' Franciscan Giants are finessing their way to the end of season by trying to win the very last game. Good thing "I'm sorry,  about baseball" is already a thing, bestilled as I am in numerous elements of the game. Read chunks from it, in its entirety really, from links over on the right, or buy, or trade for.


Been packing in the earbuds to these people -



Rebecca Bates messes with time and pace, intuition, immediacy, and her own self in some worthwhile pieces sometimes mentioning Rebecca Bates.

Missed the David Kirby reading by minutes? Mandate, by mandate,


The halloween is almost with us, coming up that night is a few differing places, the one with free beer is the Beef Oven / Ranch Ghost / Slammers / Waxed one over at Fort Houston, where they keep the art crawls proletariat and provide free beer to the working class.   

I'll be a part with a Regenerates reading with some others that morning at Belmont at 10ish if around y'all.

Also then the next day participating in the Regenerates event at the art crawl, Saturday, what busy weekenderings, around the same place, over at Track 1, at night, at night, in November.