Monday, September 22, 2014

Detroiter / Beef / Missed reading / Musics / Anarch

Then were when I missed out on some things, sure. There was that Live On The Green thing. Ty Segall. Some other things plus sleep. The main was the Bruce Beasley reading, over at Vanderworld. Seemed like a promising event too.

Detroit ( whut ) has its winner, to forward, to cheer, to talk, in a house from, to be the graboid of communals there, Detroiter. Here are a few pieces of hers that held the promise. Stay tuned on that front, I hear pray tell a couple more houses are on the schedule for next year as they move ahead with infinite grace n economic beauties.


Got the Beef show with Beat Bums who played with the Ben Spinks gents, which was not grody, and caught some wet beef footage in the light threshold pocket off a turtley smartphone.


The online collection World Picture is hyper rad for the afternoon tea, themed issues of "Serious," "Left," "Distance," "Wrong"…

Frances Richard has sustained, check her read at Poet As Radio*, read some this, and an excerpt from her Anarch.


Listening too, these -

The new Blonde Redhead for season, the new Jolie Holland for season.


Next readings slash zinefest thanggggggg -

Sept. 25, Scarritt Bennett, Vander - Stellasue Lee
Sept. 29, Barnes & Noble, Vander - Lyrical Brew, tri of readers (Miguel de Cervantes event)
Oct. 3, 4, Watkins College ( free ) - Handmade & Bound festival, marketplace 

* Jackqueline Frost's Poet As Radio reading is smashing too.