Friday, July 19, 2013

'Value' read 'valve'

Yah the 'poetry/literature is dead/doesn't mean crud anymore' issue limps on, skewed by people that wanna get things off their chest. The issue is made heavier by some jacked up numbers: the writings of ladies are less presented than the writings of males. On and on and on this thing goes. What is reflected by this, the anger and zeal over a literature that does not reflect anyone anymore, that people don't feel represented by literature, that literature simply cannot represent anything? 

Internet, the pervasiveness of literature, via the internet, to literature corrodes/has corroded the question of privilege to some great degree, has it not...

Internet is the equalizer of culture, technology is the alteration of culture into symptom, poetry/literature is the symptom of us now.

Poetry/literature with a pre-understood set of intrinsic, nonequivalent, jacked up facets regarding receipt, audience, readership, affect, riches, respect, recognition is no new skinny for people engaging in it. 

For a straight whitesh male to say such inelegant things is bad taste, but taste. Taste, in the arts, the notion of taste in art. America is a kid with no taste buds, and no appetite for nothing neither.

So much attention to who is what, seems a waste. Make the art. What is 'getting access'? Getting access to being read, getting access to being appreciated as a writer, getting what and how. Has it not been that poetry/literature is less dependent upon getting something for its production than its coming into being, its existence...

There is a great decadence to the pessimism that seems necessary to write anything of importance. 

An unyielding, inarticulate, obscure sense of inadequacy and anger foreground the art I understand as 'good'.

Doom. We are not the we we talk about when we talk about we. Poetry/literature is in this way always deathing. Because the power and exclusive importance of the straight white male to make himself always so is waned. Those for whom an optimism is a necessary part, those to whom an outward still warmly cares are split then. 

Skew that which creates symptom, virus, narcotic is a moment of poetry/literature, connected to the drugs they they they.


I know who Amanda Bynes is when other people know who Amanda Bynes is and not before.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bunkers / ThirdManRecords-PoetrySucks! Marriage / Beef

o brother, egypt, egypt direct, egypt linear

we had here our red chests on the young men hovering on top of the slip n slide, potato salad, beer, rains, firecracker demos, lady dances for the 4th


Plus the Jonathan Richman show was delightful, humid, unimpeachable, acoustic roars, gypsy americana.


these are complicated images - a side effect of google earth's massive project


The radical, insightfull English Language Notes, and Language in Society each tossing me bones of late months, each aiding, each for me to play catch up, to forward, each and neither available easily on line

(where does one acquire out of print books for very cheap? Bunker Archeology - from which these



Third Man hosts a PoetrySucks! reading on Sunday, 7/7, should be myriad entendres happening, with Paige Taggart reading, also Sampson Starkweather 

And and and The Big Beefers, Burg In Your Eyes, Pseudo-Omnivore, Beef Oven is doing up The Stone Fox on Wed, 7/10