Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wived away / most / foregrounds ago...

The 818 fiasco proved to be no fiasco 'tall. Me grafting fiascos atop fiascoless settings. Perhaps stemming from the universe's inability to provide me with a feasible starting time to view the only movie we have worth seeing.

Also: Chris Kerr's Projector is at it again.

Call for Work:

P  r  o  j  e  c  t  o  r  seeks poems, visual art, stories, and other creative responses to film for its fourth issue. 

Geoffrey O’Brien describes Projector as “a return to origins” and Laurence Goldstein says it “raises provocative questions about film technique, production, and reception.” 

Forthcoming issues will first appear only online and potentially be collected into a book. Check out samples at and send submissions to that might read nothing like them, but don’t bother giving us conventional criticism or reviews; instead "take those rare moments when writers ask us to see the interior membrane of the image move toward us while the rest holds steady... as though the full circumference of a tambourine were facing us, with the center... coming closer and the frame remaining in its original place" (Elaine Scarry, Dreaming by the Book). Stretch your arm to shake your tambourine in praise of Mother Cinema. Make her smile.


p s : you read t h i s.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sky Blue Reading // Unorthodox capitalist functioning peripherals

To've received even the call from who knows ( 818 - collectors phantom limbs ) but enough to displace me the day out. That is first usually.

After piggybacking with the Honey Locusts on their first EP release tour ( up to ultimately Detroit and back, Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening, The Halo Benders ), settling back into Nashville.


Let us not forget The Sky Blue Reading took place two Fridays ago. Post-radass extraordinaire Micah Freeman arranged the ladder, slipped free drinks as curator. Yvette Nepper and Robby Wright from the Cincinnati, Hailey Higdon me were the Nashvillers. Thanks be upon Micah for arranging, and inviting me to read in that shebangabang.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"...separate the half rust out to specific objects then furred..."

The ( bi-monthly ) American Poetry Review is quickly becoming the shining bosom of Vanderbilt's periodical section.

Arielle Greenberg has a nice article on innovative 'African-American poetries,' in which the terrific works of Shane McCrae, Harmony Holiday, and Ronaldo V. Wilson are held up for perusal. I could not think ** of more agile poets of the type, that engage race dynamics ( alongside, and most prominently, sexual, political).

Greenberg mentions "the hyperextended line," a term to describe "the opposite from fragmentation." With relation to McCrae's writing ( Mule, Cleveland State, 2011 ) his use of the 'hyperextended line' is composed of ( and, arguably, is accomplished most affectively via ) syntactic fragmentation. His lines go, punctuation barren, on refracting a more legitimate poetry. A refracting line, an Hejinian line, built seamless of pushings, drifts that overlap, rescind, emerge, ( in large part / his line breaks are superb in their capacity to propel / from that hyperextension ). I am merely echoing Arielle, she goes at the line more in A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line. Arielle has that poetries that are complex and challenging are those most grand at her attentions. Her article, "Revelatory and Complex," does a bunch of that to me.

Plus, I witnessed a motorist give someone the finger today. The event was stitched to the solo in David Vandervelde's "Jacket"

** Recommended reading: anything by Aime Cesaire. Or C.S. Giscombe.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

"...Remember spring, me chasing you on a tractor..." - Mikhail L.

A Streetcar Named Desire if you've got an hour or two to wait for Marlon Brando to sweep away a mute rubble for himself to breathe, repave New Orleans in smokey gibberish.

Also, via HTMLgiant, a Burroughs mag resurfacing, completely available online: Fuck You, A Magazine of the Arts .

LeCorbusier / ahh Thomas Kinkade, r.i.p. in your springish shiregartens.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The american young mustached all hair and eye, of going, of going to go

Pump through the houses / ceiling in chambered theatre of body is of liquid / loosening stranger / the apparatus is verticals become less / private, birds of whiskey, magnified / shuttle confused multiplying empire, of teeth/ in the rugs / Off, mirage, teethed up the sky, / assume others narrowing until / you are many and require no clarity / arms, salt / ropes along tufted spear / vagueish curving, particulars adjusted to promised fragments / arbitrary when of beard / beardlice / choppy when of linear gone theatre lit jaw / took as in thrown no parts, of irreducible, between / the moths, hollow viscera, snapping lard / Still, tore periphery...


O: a reading in East Nashville ( Sky Blue Cafe on April 13th ) is being assembled by Micah Freeman and a few others including myself, come out and get purple teeeeeth with me