Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The american young mustached all hair and eye, of going, of going to go

Pump through the houses / ceiling in chambered theatre of body is of liquid / loosening stranger / the apparatus is verticals become less / private, birds of whiskey, magnified / shuttle confused multiplying empire, of teeth/ in the rugs / Off, mirage, teethed up the sky, / assume others narrowing until / you are many and require no clarity / arms, salt / ropes along tufted spear / vagueish curving, particulars adjusted to promised fragments / arbitrary when of beard / beardlice / choppy when of linear gone theatre lit jaw / took as in thrown no parts, of irreducible, between / the moths, hollow viscera, snapping lard / Still, tore periphery...


O: a reading in East Nashville ( Sky Blue Cafe on April 13th ) is being assembled by Micah Freeman and a few others including myself, come out and get purple teeeeeth with me