Thursday, April 3, 2014

Missed readings, new ones, weather changer


Missed triple kiss of poetries the other night, guerrillas. More missed readings. The weather turns again, wasps, slats, sleeves, porch, sockless, ice. Nashville is filling now with a visceral hand of vast tones that background it, peripheral but the difference between polaroid and landscape, a context pressing to you where you are, placing sets, why would you not make musics, or arrive at all.


Dang the thing El Aleph sent, vol. 1 - their first magthing, is a grand pretty thing, popped it open in a car slapped by rain in front of the train graffiti scape, over by the goodwill.


Plus Sara Renee Marshall's work has been on the repeater of late, her Landscapes Were In My Arms are heist. A real nice big backyard tent is the new Opon #3.


Readings near - 

4/4 - Howlin' After Dark, Howlin' Books ( 8th Ave )

4/10 - Eavan Boland, Vanderbilt, Butrick 102

*Brady Haston show opening at Zeitgeist May 3 whut shut.