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NOV E t A l. Poetry Reading // Destiny Birdsong, Nathan Spoon, & Lindsay Turner (SC). (+ Tara Walters !)


I've been slack on this space about updates, readings, situations, people. Rest assured much of those have happened, all of which tucked away in my journal, the writing of it as a stencil to thoughts to at leisure speak about later should anyone chat about it, so to be informed and to know the information firstly.

Didn't provide an OCT E t A l. review, and don't feel the need to - Tristen, Dan, Alex were the bee's knees. Made my month. Southern Festival of Books (astounding performances by Clay Matthews, Kristi Maxwell, Amy Wright, Bernt-Olav Andersson, Tiana Clark, Casey Rocheteau, Jeff Hardin, Sandra Meek, Allison Adele Hedge Coke, Kate Daniels) was last weekend, much notes, and this weekend was the Athens of The South festival with readings and art things - no notes, though, too much fun and festivity to be literary - the two have a dotted line for me in circumstances where free booze and food and bands are pervasive amid people speaking poetry.

The NOV E t A l. is going down soon, but Halloween is first. Here is the matter then - the seasonal events and occurrences take a firm hold of me, and poetry fits in where it can amidst it. Should be an incredible last of the season - as far as I know I've no DEC E t A l. set up yet, but odder things have happened than sneaking an Xmas event in there to smoke out the hidden ones.

Do please come out so we can sleaze around our political thoughts for their last hurrah before we concretize them into the form of choosing either of two screwups to be the leader of our nation for the next four years (until either of those two we choose gets impeached yowzah). NOV 5th // Destiny Birdsong, Nathan Spoon, & visiting poet Lindsay Turner (!). … And visuals for the evening by the incredible Tara Walters (!)

Also Mr. Robot, Rick & Morty, Breaking Bad - the visual has been my prism this season, the cost of which is the bickering periphery that does not allow one clean thoughts.

Monday, September 12, 2016

SEP E t A l. Grazzis / + OCT E t A l. lineup announcement, Nashville

Saturday night came & punctuated in stride every of my reinstigated enthusiasm for poetry, community, fun. Again it was occurred before me and immersed, each of the poets better than I understood, a type of edge that is best. 

Joshua Moore, Bill Brown, & Kristi Maxwell were all astonishing, and the ricochet,  set of priorities each suited to each and crossfire, interrelated, among. To them, thanks, to those showed up, goodness, such immense time conjoined into us. It is that I was excited to be overwhelmed and probably biased but no less enthralled and made whole to be present then, astonishingly.

& Thanks to LOCATE Arts for showing us outward and join with. What a great resource for visual arts in Tennessee, don't forget them and their grand databases of events and openings in the Volunteer State. Lain York's contributions to the evening were apt, and focal, determined by an intentionally narrative conduit, opened to, and by the literary in the historical. To him, the thanks too. 

& then the Angel Olsen show, ran to with wine bladders, scooted in crowd stairwell slant and bump, therefore into new record for us, perhaps still amazing.


Dear Trud, 
The weather is changing nicely.
Yrs, here.


The very very next Et Al. Poetry Reading (FALL 2016) is set for OCT 2 (a Sunday), hold onto your bobby-caps, this night is going to be a sharp dagger in thine political mystical relevant heart:

Nashville poets Dan Hoy, & Tristen Gaspadarek 
Alex Cruse (CA)

w/ Featured Artist Ann Catherine Carter

*Photo by Oct 2016 Et Al. artist Alexine Rioux (!)

Friday, September 2, 2016

'Tricky Wash' @ Thin Air (Northern Arizona U), SEP 10 - first Et Al. of Fall 2016

That poem from a while back driving through Arizona on our trip East 'Tricky Wash' is to be well among the University of Northern Arizona's lit mag, Thin Air (!).

Aligned well and related. Check their new online stuff, and a poem of mine, here.


On the rise next September, SEP 10th, Et Al. Poetry Reading starring the veritable Bill Brown, the searing Joshua Moore, the wonderful Kristi Maxwell, and the awesome Lain York.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

3 poems (from 'Eater, of mouths' at The Literateur & A preface to 'Note on Tundra' at Bombay Gin

Firstly, the new Bombay Gin online has one of the two prefaces from 'Note on Tundra'. And I'm floating out there a piece of a video that Todd Michael Rogers and Meagen Crawford made for it.


& The Literateur put out three pieces from 'Eater, of mouths' this very day, being glad about that y'all. Thanks to Eleanor for having them be had.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

July August region-arrowing toward Et. Al. Fall Lineups (!)

This being a scarce tablet onto which the inner dialogues confront external white space now. There've been many readings - Chance Chambers at Poet's Corner, most recently Ciona Rouse's Lyrical Brew ( last night ), a Gary McDowell reading, another Lyrical Brew back there in the past, but really working on this next 'Pider - 'Pider V ( The For Keeps Issue ) starring some amazing poets, keep your third eye out for it. Here we are on fbook.


Also did a few readings in July, the latest being# 87 of Chuck Beard's Eastside Storytellin', which can be heard off Soundcloud here.

Most summer here spending on writing-editing placing together my own things that neglect my time here.


Helping organize a reading-performance evening on SAT August 20 called Placebo Theater, which is going to be held at the universally charitable and genre defying all encompassing venue Sauvage, and is set to host alternative performative poetic dramatic executions by Meagen Crawford, Jacob Bernardi Stovall, and headliner Matt Christy


The Fall E t A l. Lineups (!)

Sept. 10 (SAT) // Bill Brown, Joshua Moore, & Kristi Maxwell (KY) / 
Art by Lain York

Oct. 2 (SUN)* // Tristan Gaspadarek, Dan Hoy, & Alex Cruse (CA) / 
Art by Ann Catherine Carter

Nov. 5 (SAT)* // Destiny Birdsong, Nathan Spoon, & Lindsay Turner (SC) / 
Art by TBA

*Art Crawl involvement