Monday, November 26, 2012

Xmas Country / Lost Poetry Reading Remark

Yet a place has teeth. Had particles of all of it in ma teeth, and held each one ( when one is being computerless this is what one does ), dear dears.


The second track:

Also: Phantogram's pop song.


One was that I forgot (!) to mention perchance the most good reading to've taken place in Nashville since my arrival: I think it was October 25, but Robert Wrigley read Vanderbilt with spirit, and an audience to chirp it at.

Kenneth Koch, small prosodic Ginsberg. Continuity of jolt. His poems spray volumes of themselves, deal co-directly ( which is to say, many veins are subject/ subjected to each other within a single poem, even questions the validity/relevance of that which it contains ) with the occasion of the poem, all is valid, attention to flashings that enter, man in the boat considers oceanic play off the lightning, affect the innards of poem. Assonant, sentence propulsion like synecdoche, resists the will to explan, but explains the state, the attentions.

Someone got a video of the entire affair and they are hiding it for themselves.


Ol' Chettie Boy got his baby, PoetrySucks!, written up at radmag Coldfront. Represent.


Saw Drive then re-saw the next night. Am sifting through Cliff Martinez's handling of many soundtracks, especially Solaris. All sorts of other stuff: book of Camus essays called "The Myth of Sisyphus," including the title track of the same name, incidentally not nearly as good as the locale essays in the book.

Christmas smoke is filling Nashville late at night, so you gotta coat up and go get it.