Saturday, May 21, 2016

Last Et Al. Poetry Reading of Spring (!), plus 'Tricky Wash' to Thin Air Mag

Seems like only a month between the fixings here on this bottle in the ocean out to y'all. Whatever, still the things move. 

A poem, Tricky Wash, is soon over at Thin Air, the journal of Northern Arizona's MFA program, which is great because walking in a parking lot yesterday I recalled having written the thing in Arizona, or whilst passing through AZ, because 'Tricky Wash' is near Nogales, I believe on the US side, and signs indicated it thusly, as unreachable, but referenced. Thanks to ed. Eric Dovigi for the space.


The last Et Al. Poetry Reading of Spring turned out not to be the last Et Al. Poetry Reading of Spring…(!)  

Having tried to get Clay Matthews, and Jan Laperle (husband wife team) out to Nashville for the better part of the year (first seen and heard at SoFest of Books a few years back), they've conceded to read alongside local, radass Vander poet Tiana Clark on June 4th (!) Also joining us that night is Nashville visual and substance artists Lindsy Davis, who just wrapped an amazing show + Artist Talk at Red Arrow Gallery. 

Does seem like I'm asking every Red Arrow Gallery Artist to join us for Sauvage times but I think it's maybe a testament to the quality of their artists, curators…? 

See y'all at the Art Crawl.


Plus -

A good article re contemp (lit) things y'all… 

Monday, May 2, 2016

May's Et Al. Poetry Reading w/ Keegan Cook Finberg, Douglas Piccinnini, Chris Hosea (& Art by Daniel Holland)

Is the job? to witness and render, (meaning the mandatory things at the position doing the position), psh. Doing the job requires the peeling of the conduit from yourself and the placement upon that which is pushing through, to assume the hydra, to greet each of the hydra, like pool hall Fast Eddy to hold scale's heft without an exact *but considered and intuitively inclusive and dealt with the heft that is being hefted weighty figure. Dealt with in the heft that is being hefted. To be talking about the job at the job is inherent.

As a person doing some writing, each thing layers flaky like little biscuits with these incorporations, incorporations that place, and re-place these integrations upon the writing - others getting to the poem (not getting the poem), but their routes, possible routes, little cartographies to your things…

With projects that head on, even peripherally, really, go at/to contemporary issues, to speak for/about/with the varying degrees of the varying spectrum of varying people requires you're admission of the conduit's conducting.


Anyway, build me a raft. TO: 

For which of which I made this little trailer from Jru's drone filmings…