Monday, May 2, 2016

May's Et Al. Poetry Reading w/ Keegan Cook Finberg, Douglas Piccinnini, Chris Hosea (& Art by Daniel Holland)

Is the job? to witness and render, (meaning the mandatory things at the position doing the position), psh. Doing the job requires the peeling of the conduit from yourself and the placement upon that which is pushing through, to assume the hydra, to greet each of the hydra, like pool hall Fast Eddy to hold scale's heft without an exact *but considered and intuitively inclusive and dealt with the heft that is being hefted weighty figure. Dealt with in the heft that is being hefted. To be talking about the job at the job is inherent.

As a person doing some writing, each thing layers flaky like little biscuits with these incorporations, incorporations that place, and re-place these integrations upon the writing - others getting to the poem (not getting the poem), but their routes, possible routes, little cartographies to your things…

With projects that head on, even peripherally, really, go at/to contemporary issues, to speak for/about/with the varying degrees of the varying spectrum of varying people requires you're admission of the conduit's conducting.


Anyway, build me a raft. TO: 

For which of which I made this little trailer from Jru's drone filmings…