Saturday, February 20, 2016

Et Al. 2016 Kickstarter Running 29 days left / Do it to it

The Kickstarter for Et Al. Poetry Readings ( to compensate visiting poets for traveling all the way to Nashville ) is all launched up and willing if you've got the pocket change, we got the sprocket bang.

Give, if.


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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lyrical Brew Reading / Atrocity Exhibition poems out / Dismantling White Supremacy should require I also dismantle the intuition toward/my notion of identity/self/class preservation/power

Held some space in the reading this past Friday at Ciona Rouse's Lyrical Brew, read alongside her, and Christine Hall (the hosts of Lyrical BrewPoetry in the Brew, respectively) as Walker Bass got his host on and got into us with a stretch of questions that I fumbled around with until docile like kittens in a can? 

A video of me reading a section of "Still, Detritivore" ( which just got put out in #3 of the sensation feelings, and will have been from some future chap for which I intend the title 'Eater, of mouths' ).

Christine Hall read with sermons pouring on sunset steps ownership from her the grips in her lungs with vulnerabilities, admissions, sorrows, sheer delights, obscure wonderments. There was a point at which I understood her to be almost being read through by her own poems, a fantastic mesmerizing shared. Ciona let her delight with world remain entirely unobscured, the optimism, the nuance and serene sense that, in her quietude all such saying is for us to share and have as if she gives it out for us.

It's nice to read more frequently, work with the writings to loosen them ( I need to incorporate it into my eternal revisions process, I need a pencil when I read ), and say and become my own projective and reconcile the words with the air with the body. Thanks to Ciona, Walker, Christine.


Poems are out now at Atrocity Exhibition ( 2 from that 'Eater, of mouths' booklet that does not exist, that is an intention ). They constantly update their new poetry, so enter that house many times, cross that river more than once, they're going strong with it.

A couple weeks on those concis poems ( 'Hospital' 1+2 ), proofs and all that, in the meantime I got some pay cash moneys ($) from concis for the poems that I re-routed toward the Room To Read charity, whose aim is gender equality and literacy in a bunch of south African countries, south Asia countries. In the meantime and enduringly, because we are enduringly blanketed off the penance warm:


The equals, the dialogues, the hurt, the represented, the not mentioned - Check out poet/editor Joyelle McSweeney's Facebook post and get into those remarks/comments/replies to see some of the finer mechanics of reaction, intuitions, inclusivity/exclusivity, intention, unintention, even the VIDA attempts at partially entire, quantitative sketch, siphons in on the citizens, dramas...

Hey ViDA, very hurt to not see Action Books included in your list of woman-run presses. This press was co-founded by...
Posted by Joyelle McSweeney on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another article ( most of the articles I've been seeing on Hyperallergic are the depth full ones, be known ) on 'Dismantling White Supremacy' ( + again the comments section are cringe full )...


Been way much into this walking music lately, post-DMV liberations almost exactly :