Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Readings, Zukofsky, Notes on Music Tundra

Vanderbilt's Front Porch reading series gave a phlegmy gasp, then stared at it on the concrete for an hour, seeing sunflowers, Hearts, opposite-gender longing, dreamy dream-dreaming ( 1970's L.A. vegan-gore ).

East Nashville's Dino's Poetry Sucks reading series did its third thang, memories of which have already been usurped by hopes for the next occurrence ( among those coming to music city is "Scary, No Scary" author Zachary Schomburg ). Really.

Evelyn Reilly's new Verse poem does good, but "Styrofoam" creates different spaces, more unrelated pillars are held/holding; in the ecopoetic ( cringe ) genre, a best because of leaking thresholds, converging awarenesses, the indistinct stations of elements co-among.

Thanks Library:

"... the chances of monopoly have been so carefully

seized that only on the other side of

one's bathroom nothing is foreign. Unless

charting the antarctic has something to do

with figures the heads of which are

just smudges away from the axis of abscissas

or one is merely exploring from a shower ..." sayeth Zukofsky


all the 4:30pm glares in the world want you to fork it over: 'Pider - piderbits@gmail.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Trud, (2012)

Dear( est ) Trud,

The new( est ) year has come to us, it's still on the porch and settles / also is
Horseless Review (!, # 10). See Lily Ladewig ( "...Workmen apply the bright copper
gutter...."; "I’m not listening to you. I’m wearing my listening face. The sky is vague but I am discrete." ), Carrie Bennett's grand fluent duncanesque form, et. al. Really do.

For those of you in the Nashville, I haven't the energy to comment on the Front Porch reading that took place this last holiday week. In fact, been dreading making dread with that instance of 'poetry'... best to not, wait for next one.