Friday, July 5, 2013

Bunkers / ThirdManRecords-PoetrySucks! Marriage / Beef

o brother, egypt, egypt direct, egypt linear

we had here our red chests on the young men hovering on top of the slip n slide, potato salad, beer, rains, firecracker demos, lady dances for the 4th


Plus the Jonathan Richman show was delightful, humid, unimpeachable, acoustic roars, gypsy americana.


these are complicated images - a side effect of google earth's massive project


The radical, insightfull English Language Notes, and Language in Society each tossing me bones of late months, each aiding, each for me to play catch up, to forward, each and neither available easily on line

(where does one acquire out of print books for very cheap? Bunker Archeology - from which these



Third Man hosts a PoetrySucks! reading on Sunday, 7/7, should be myriad entendres happening, with Paige Taggart reading, also Sampson Starkweather 

And and and The Big Beefers, Burg In Your Eyes, Pseudo-Omnivore, Beef Oven is doing up The Stone Fox on Wed, 7/10