Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"( Kiln )" unleashed on y'all y'all / "…place is names event" for Regenerates' reading

After having writ the thing out, exchanged portions for other, torque, section, resection, compress into necessary size and figure something what requires interchange with environ, somatics, externalizations, impressions, revelations, oppositions, "( Kiln )" is a thing you can. 

Each typed, most with errors slight and some broad, various intuitive changes that occurred after several typings of the entirety of it written by memory at some points and not what was it was, each "( Kiln )" is irrevocably unique in this way. 

Unique as also in that cover to cover illustrations are variously approached with a correlative set of dank materials, pattern, color, shape, textures by pan-omni-hydra-artist Meagen Crawford. Each a dialogue, resurfacing, redirection, replacing.

Each is of about 6 x 4 inches (standard folded halfways) then tri-puncture lace bound ease, on some good thick stock whiteish paper, approx. 25 pages. 

$7 bucks flat ( which is a steal I think slightly because I'm putting stamps on the thing ).

No etsy, no nothing, just email me: