Thursday, November 6, 2014

3 Soon Nashpo readings ("PoetrySucks!"), Catherine Wagner

The Regenerates reading went swimmingly, "( Kiln )" is in several different types for variance over on the right side of this page, thanks to everyone I had a great time among, Robyn the host, Brianne the art, H. Locust the musics, readers, gatherers. 


Need a reading to go to in three different moods for the next three nights? Be seeing these soon Nashpo readings y'all -

Thursday, Nov. 6, 7pm - A. Van Jordan, Vanderbilt Visiting Writer's Series, Buttrick

Friday, Nov. 7, 8pm - Poetrysucks!, Jarrett, DeColo, Stucky, Third Man Records

Saturday, Nov. 8, 2pm - Bill Brown, Parnassus Books


And dang, Lana Turner's niceties keep revealing themselves. This with Catherine Wagner's deliberating, McCraeish, V. Changish, magnificent pieces. Check Wagner's things out all over.