Friday, November 14, 2014

'P i d e r III unto world / Poetry Sucks! reading / musics of late

Lads, fillies, folks amongst and bent, the ol' 'P i d e r strikes again, with our IIIrd installment, brevity and luxury of it with four ( 4 ) gems of contributors. A meal-sized sitting for y'all, we do not break you or your bank, its free and clear and entire for the having. Get it. Do it over yr lunch break or something.


Recent readings missed - The Bill Brown book release over at Parnassus, sadly, this gent is pretty still cool in my book, having seen him many times around town, Lyrical Brew, Sofest o' Books. Also the A. Van Jordan reading, missed.

Recent unmissed - The Poetry Sucks! reading/event/hyperbolic funkfest over at Third Man Records. Taxidermy heads, rich drinks, fake grass, disoriented people, Chet organized, reading done by Kendra DeColo, Nashville #1 ace voted best in town by The Scene, from her Thieves In The Afterlife, did her set to a more reactive audience than ever in my estimations. Reading done by TJ Jarrett, engaging as always, ushering narrative and reflective storytelling paces into a constellation of intimate time. Janaka Stucky, post-beat voodoo chanting repetition lines conjured the spirits with his fervent crooning reading, charisma, had the energies to rival content on our brains and eyes and ears, took us to it with deft musicality and performance, radness.

Got my glimpse of Language Lessons, a nicely put, nicely bound book whose wide berth to have was 50 bucks, available over at Third Man Books.



J. Frost. Again. This from Young Americans.


(if yr into like St. Vincent, Beirut, Parenthetical Girls, June Madrona)


Their recommendedness - The Subjects (if yr into like The Unicorns, The Breeders, Built To Spill, Neutral Milk)


The White Review is ok in my book.

Plus the new thing, Prelude, a bit on the super sized side of life but to each its own, new stuff from Cole Swenson, John Ashbery, Adam Fitzgerald, Robert C.L. Crawford, Corina Copp, Lisa Jarnot, Chris Hosea. Big hitters.