Friday, December 19, 2014

"...alteration's // figment / we cut the tree / to / move it, / image damp…" // Ohio Edit havings

Some "Tension Sketches" are over at Ohio Edit, they contract from themselves (wolf eating its foot from a trap) by a number of things, necessarily. Thanks to ceo Amy Fusselman for having them be done, and for "Marilyn" which had me do it.


"I’m not being snide but womens world is a place where things can be said and somehow not get interpolated into “the larger culture.” Eileen Myles

Poet of world, that wrung tier, social layer dip,  original jazz, out ahead, dipped out, horizons that off, that off, refraction from commerce, poetry's inherent deniability, palimpsestic effigy. 


That reading at that Tower 2 House, ft. traveling poets edwin r perry + Chelsea Tadeyeske:

Edwin, reading, performatives exploded out from words on a page that had been my only knowing until then, edwin's velocity was celestial, sociopolitical, ecological, propulsion, dense weave. Much impressed by the radius of facets of existence in his reading. Picked up his small erasure book Expotition: Where In.

Chelsea's more personal ( ruminating, fractured invisible enjambments splitting meanings as they went, started from transmission level core of intimate becoming public ), coltraineish in the use of seconds passing and silence filled admissions ( here is the use of space and acoustics tensioning the admissions, packing them ), nuanced, breathing, quietness wrapped around some silence in the room. Picked up her Heeldragger, which can be read entirely h e r e, and traded a ( Kiln ) for it.

Boy. Was I social. Cool spot too, free friendly box wine ( !? ) reminded me of the defunct Owl Farm, Zombie, as house shows liberate the forms, let's go to their next things.