Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"…Your face does not / come apart which is / you are in no past / that does not move." / some poems soon w the sensation feelings + PLINTH

Learned from the connie in charge the sensation feelings decides the decision for putting out one more o n e plus a personally lovely important tossing ready piece called Still, Detritivore ( in which I make several admissions that sort of frighten me, are the reason I wrote the thing/write things? ).

These due out October / November when, so obvious reminders are in the future, but the sensation feelings is an upholder and risky in touch with a certain emotive precision, to be thusly, and getting at what most other places don't get to. 

I'd advise checking out their 1st, and their 2nd as one waits for the 3rd.



The niche-dark splayed down upon the rust crown spire of cities, edges of knives bigger than houses, PLINTH will be new zone for the e n t i r e t y of "( Kiln )" ( the entire thing ) sometime near the futures, also for them a thing of contemporaneousness deemed 'Black Theatre' which I once read @ Dino's and called it 'political.'

Check their matter and be at the tips of the eyes for their new.

Also: watch

Also look at Cancel descend then obliterate: 

"…hey creeping thing…throat full…about that time…

"yes...jackdoor havoc…jackdoor havoc…hey, billy…yes"