Monday, December 7, 2015

A Preface to Note on Tundra soon free by online at Bombay Gin, misc

Pre-hibernations, seeming organic because not to sleep. These are what I've missed, the things I remember missing anyway, those to whom this apology floats out to meet:

-Missed reading, East Side Story with Rita B.
-Missed reading, Vanderbilt Visiting Writers, TR Hummer
-Band of Poets, Bobby's Idle Hour, with Ciona Rouse, Luke Wiget, others
-Poetry Book Release for Trinity Lane, The Stone Fox, with Whit Smith, Daniel Pujol, others


Got one of the Note on Tundra prefaces "( Architectures )" over to Bombay Gin's (Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University) online features section, with a video trailer (!) chunk done by Fields of Black Sand heart Meagen Crawford, and The Atari Hairdo himself, ol Computer Lungs Todd Michael Rogers.

That video trailer plus another done by ninja secret refuge citizens will be unfurled as when the proper time settles down.

Not sure when this front of Note is out, but it'll be externalized just you wait, pretty rad having a piece with a place that I've deep ideas of as being aligned somehow with Jack Kerouac, the sort of phenomenology and epistemological creative routes that have a finesse and nobility (however self-visible, and therefore not precisely sainthood earning)...

Don't let the day pass where you might, both of us, snatch a handmade copy of my music immersive lineage of poems Note on Tundra ( for which I think the entire sound blanket of nashville caldwell bongo beef oven house shows bring it back ) + not 1, but the 2 prefaces, out when when when from DoubleCross Press y'all.


Plus - recently found Lylas=Beach Boys=Elliott Smith=Acetone=Jason Molina=Yo La Tengo=esque Cass Mccombs:


A lot of happenings nationally, if you aren't upset, or polarized, you aren't paying attention. KNow thyself I guess, or do the other thing, abolish the self, both go well, toward alleviating everyone else. I've been post it noting my way toward articulating what it is that I think, what it is that I think I feel, that I understand about my leanings, my validity, volumes, space (if I have it, want it need it, rescind it, impose it, detract, deserve). Thick as traffic.

Here's something to read

And here


Jaqueline Winter Thomas weighs in well on the oral aspect of poetry, on its being read, in the poetry readings, as they are tend to be held - " shared acts of silence." (!) And, further, "Sometimes a violation of this silence is justifiable, but, oftentimes, it is not."


And Chuck Beard has your guide to everything literary at all y'all with his Decemberist's lit planner: Beard on Books.