Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"The occasion is selling off the color from my teeth…" / 'Isthmus' in next Word For/Word, 2nd E t A l. reading (Crawford, Bernhardt, Bachmann)

News fit to me, got that long, chaptered, worked, and crisped poem ( "Isthmus" ) over for the next Word For/Word, their #25, out soon this March this month. Am absolutely ambidextrous to have this piece, which feels dear to me for having worked it and had it for so long and hooded it as it went out to the rain like its own little boy, with the challenging, exciting, strange, risk oriented journal.

Be looking good out there for it.


Chong-Li (like me most readings though I try to stop it, pull it down from my face when I realize its happening to just have my regular face forward). from Bloodsport, cuz it is.

Willie the Pimp by Frank Zappa on Grooveshark


Held the 2nd E t A l. Reading to a tight crew, though local critical representations were somehow absent from such a good lineup of readers. 

Meagen Crawford stepped out from shrouds into some mystical pond out of which she read the dense, prose-ish (on page, with personal markings adjacent/synonymous with stop/recalibration/pause/attentions-retention moments - "|"), 'Flat.' She use every ounce of her time to get the thing out in a speed rumination. 

Deborah Bernhardt read handfuls of classic 'Echolalia' parts, finding a sturdiness in reading amongst Nicolas Cage films, and sizzlings peripheral to/contextualizing the reading, forcing one to sit into the reading no where else. No one was injured. 

Beth Bachmann had herself and for us a grand time, fixated as she was with the unique, proletariat menu. She read among an avenue of celestial, and planetary content, with finely articulated pace, clear ( if effortless ) delivery. Her Do Not Rise sold out and nothing was left after the reading for her to sign, then the guilt trip, then the IOU, and everyone chatted for a bit after, with Dino's then an after party of mingles. My thanks to Beth, Deborah, Meagen for reading to us chaps and chappies, creating such an indelible moment for us that I can hold.

Next month's is shaping up nicely too, the April shindig.


The Two Boots Free Pizza Myth shines forever from each amp n speaker apparently for every stomach with arms to it, The Shackletons. Ranch Ghost. Clear Plastic Masks


And Vacant Fever, I forgot ( ! ), read this trash here and referred to it, hot damn.


Poetry Upcomings -

-March 18 - The Post, James Tadd Alcox, Todd Kaneko, Susannah Felts, 6pm.

-March 19 - Vander, USA Poet Laureate, Natahsha Tretheway, Wilson 126, 7pm. 

-March 26 - Vander, Scarritt Bennett (19th ave), Irene Mathieu, Poet's Corner, Fondren Hall (2nd floor), 7pm.

-March 27 - Vander, B&N (25th ave/West End), Walker Bass, Jeff Hardin, Tiana Clark, Bill Brown, Lyrical Brew, 7pm.