Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Missed + unmissed readings, upcomings ( E t A l. @ Dino's, 3/12 ) / Sustain, Lylas, Sketchbook went

Sometimes things that are sustained are continuances of a necessary, or becoming necessary, to be exorcised outward, externalized into submission, observation, foundations revealed to be ( required for, augmented definitions of, cipher to ) the things built atop it.


Got a not bad at all bootleg of the Lylas show that happened the other night over at The East Room, psych show, nice night, amongst the DigDeep visual background of performers.


The warehouse art show setup by lovelies Yanira + y Anna was delightful, smashing, broad, intricate with intimacy ( intrinsic to sketchbook format, diary, journal, formulating/development grounds ), not lacking in depth or width, or wine or beer, or friendlies, or hip pops by A. Ferro. Gallery in someone's warehouse residence ( ? ), off Gallatin Ave., hopefully every month or on the regular ( perhaps with various trajectories next time - musics, literatures... )


A poetry mixtape booyahs, grand grand manifests, range, delicacy.


Missed readings like

Feb. 27, Brian Gilmore at The Global Education Center ( ? )

Feb. 27, Chase Davenport, Alric McDermott at Lyrical Brew ( Turns 2 ), at B & N

Unmissed readings like

March 1, Ciona Rouse, Anders Carlson-Wee, Tiana Clark, The Front Porch Reading at Browns Diner ( ! )

Fun time beer and poetry and acoustic musics in the middle of the day in the narrow corridors of Hillsboro's burger bar. Ciona did a great job putting out the energies in exuberant, delicate phrasings, and long poem charged with repetition and fervor, her first reading I've seen ( ! ). Anders, ( whose brother also writes poetry? and of a same type of lung ) composed and with mention of NEA award, revealed the intricacies of self-formation, a certain strata of lifestyle & interest, well-placed, and subtle. Tiana, too, certain strata of lifestyle, and with her acceptance to Vander professional poetry trajectory, read clear, let us be inside of her memory house.



3/10, Tuesday / Vander-related, Simone Wolff, Kevin Reilly, Alicia Marie BrandewieBand of Poets, Bobbys Idle Hour, 9pm

March 12 / E t A l. Poetry Readings, with Deborah Bernhardt, Meagen Crawford & Beth Bachmann, Dino's, 8pm.