Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bunch of readings/missed+unmissed (Parnassus & PoetrySucks! + TMB & E t Al.)

Deerhoof happened merry well joyful correct naive, Mercy, jazzy broke fragment knowing.


More limbed the body of the nashpo these days such that attendance is a wee bit more difficult to come by, thus missed and unmissed.

Unmissed the "Losing in Gainsville" reading which saw the cozy, zen airportish The Post host four writers, three of which read from their works of fiction, one from his collection "The Dead Wrestler Elegies." It was a nice night from the rain, these touring readers from Curbside Splendor Publishing ranks, plus our local Susannah Felts with accents and smiles. W. Todd Kaneko was a soothed figure dredging the depths of my youngblood days affiliation with wrestlers and myth, formations of drama, realities, physical forms of gender, reps of gender, talk. James Tadd Alcox, Brian Costello read his portion with super grand intensity, rushed over with it over food eccentricities, a psudeo-bio tale of the pizza buffet, in repetition, then mentioned the steer is more toward comedy with fiction and toward certainty and prolificacy with poetry, seems to have agreed.

Missed Poet Laureate Natasha Tretheway reading. Check this vid, she gets out their like a dignitary.

Missed Vanderbilt's Jamie Quattro reading.

Unmissed the reading Irene Mathieu reading, that's not an 'Irene' as in goodnight-Irene, but diacritic, with emphasis, augmentation. I am saying that she read youthfully to an older audience, moving gracefully among her work to us. As in Cole Swenson, as in some phantom structure of composition, as in drawing from labor acts then producing, a vocabulary for the world, not a world for the vocabulary as she derived poem titles from medical avenue studies, informing as she went, calm grown tone, even, with unexpected (for the context, and its posteriori, experienced versions) unexpectednesses.


Lyrical Brew reading was a smash time, all dense among each other Tiana Clark, Bill Brown, Walker Bass, Jeff Hardin. Was happy to be audience to that show, packed in as it was. Energy does not allow me elaborate on it but notes thusly:

Tiana Clark: "confessional, expulsion, that formal structures have escape, out of vestiges (what does not split from cohesive structure - all leaps from prompt) / syntax enacted at phrasal / sentiment / sentence level (this traditionally traditionalist depth / operative pounce) (epi-bio-poetics) / t h a t propulsion, fervent among, potent  by representational framework (turns well inside normative language - why - thats how things mean to her) // BB: "mesmeric, movement as time in collaboration / pace of historicity, that is almost unforgiven, trauma has a pace to it, its pace oscillates with our connective tissue, our collaborations of living with others / held that way: with emotive, resonant - that's what lie is, how lie is, but here is not, from / from at least voicelessness given volume, redemptions, therapy, tao te ching" // Walker Bass: "nature analogies/ poetry strays to have been enabled to do so, trees do not stray, they toward, forward / USE EVERYTHING / everything can be tree like as a shy thing, shying from everything to relate all to tree" // Jeff Hardin: "Form ought to be fun…whose whole/wholessness / 'wind-nudged' / every moment / disconnected / miraged narrative / 'for which I am awake' / pronomial / 'no one dies in their own mind and heart' / 'Is ever you?' / 'does our noise ever fill the sky/' (slivered end, amputated, sliver, off to wide inarticulation / honesty"


Next ones for us Nashpo /

Tue, 3/31 - Christina Stoddard book release Hive, @ Parnassus Books, 6:30pm

Wed, 4/1 - Poetry Sucks! + Third Man Books, Janaka Stucky, Daniel Pujol, Laura Birdsall, Lee Connell, et al. + musics, @ Hail, Dark Aesthetics (off Gallatin Ave.), 7pm

Fri, 4/3 - Emerging Writers Series, @ Howlin' Books, 7:30pm

*** Sun, 4/12 - E t A l. Poetry Readings, Andrea Spofford, Spencer Connell, Gary L. McDowell, @Dino's (off Gallatin Ave.), 8pm