Thursday, July 10, 2014

"...taking / which / conjecture and silence, days / without place / the island rages predictable..."/ Pieces of "o n e" over to N/A

Summertime, got some of the "o n e" over with the esteemable  N/A lit journal, a complex magazine put out quarterly that makes me feel velvet to be among. Issue #5 due out this very next week, with whom else I have no idea ( )

That's almost all the rooms of "o n e" ( rest are over at Inpatient Press, Opon ) out somewhere to see, so I think I do a chap with illustrations by Crawford, for five buckos, or trade, or something, holla if if if.

Replace Me by Chad VanGaalen on Grooveshark
Blonde Hash by Chad VanGaalen on Grooveshark
Peace on the Rise by Chad VanGaalen on Grooveshark
Heavy Stones by Chad VanGaalen on Grooveshark
No Panic / No Heat by Chad VanGaalen on Grooveshark

Courtesy M. Giffen.


Also 'Beat Mondays' at the five points co-op? Where have I been doing nothing all my last mondays of a month? Over by the Barista Parlor, The Fuselage, 521 Gallatin Ave., place I've never seen the inside of.


Next readings in town? 

7/19 - Andrew McFayden-Ketchum, Parnassus Books
7/24 - Tiana Clark, Scarritt Bennett Center, Vander