Wednesday, July 16, 2014

...poured / circles / in rooms, then / my / separates deaf, // flared at anything...” / The new N/A & Inpatient Paper

A piece of mail to the address I am at with me in it there, the new Inpatient Press anthology paper “Incident Codex,” unfolding newspaper grey full font poems that operate with the page space, are content in it, prose narrative / non narrative pieces, 80 pages. Artist-Illustrator Eben Haines has “Frostbite A” and “Frostbite B”, Krystal Languell, “she prefers either to violets in a fist. Now the time has passed. For the crime. Walk away,” Gil Lawson, “The refrigerator, as with the cupboard, as with the dishwasher, occupies the same space of full in the kitchen despite themselves being full only of very many one more empties. Full only of one more empties,” as in the introductory piece, “each work is its own summoned surface.”


And ha the new N/A is out ( #5 ), I look like how I probably am maybe young, and the work is quite cool, just the way detectives should be, it's Bogart; thanks be to francois luong plus Amish Trivedi. Do spend some time with it, it's got my stamp.

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