Saturday, June 28, 2014

Front Porch Series Vander Reading

The sort of profundity brought about when poetry is utilized for, not inside it, or at it, to it, a sheer, though, vehicle, transparent, ease ( an easy thing is what? ), uncomplicated, finite, pointed, then done. Grief, Loss, Parenthood, Disability, Acute Oppression, Violence, all of which, when mentioned, buoyed in a poetry, don't linger, don't place with, unless they are enacted, compressed into or expand from.

That Berryman quote.

Healing and Optimism. Ok. But the splintering of means, the turning outward and away from what occurs in the writing itself, a unit is made of the written thing, corners are pre-known, the end is the thing that happens and that's that. A poetry that stems from not-poetry, yes, a poetry that does things, yes. 

Larry Eigner. Though it's present, is not a sole definition, is moved from, by.

In the case of the most recent Front Porch reading, Vanderbilt, poetry as vehicle intrinsic to healing. Poetry therapist Jennie Linthorst to a full filled room, clear-eyed, her from her first and second book, "my voice shine," "let it speak," "umpteenth," "beams with freedom," "swim towards his longings," "I am..." Really, just very nice, got to me right when I got into the room, showed me her face.