Sunday, April 28, 2013

" are out / and a thing / is like you , through, more it, / too, shook the swamps..." / Poem up to Dear Sir,

"Town, of Furs" ( from a series of a bunch of Town, of's ) is ready to be et in Dear Sir,'s newest one, get yr slice of upside down cake over at Dear Sir, 


Now at least three ( 3 ) readings series in Nashville ( ? ) - PoetrySucks! & ( its new altered incarnation ) Sing Again Soon / Vanderbilt's Front Porch & Poet's Corner ( plus on-campus readings ) / & Barnes & Nobles' Lyrical Brew ( events nowhere listed on their website, check fbook ). Needless, a culture appraised long for music ( even if country ) ought expand ( outward, forward ) into more artfull aware less tired avenues with/in language; a re-appraisal of Nashville's chances for literary relevance in a national perspective is being cultivated. Cultivated, though, and bestly, by non-academic presentations of poetry ( this is in accord with the astounding house-show culture that exists concurrently ).

Plus Parnassus ( eh, but less eh with David Sedaris coming to town ) & new Howlin' Books ( adjacent Grimey's off 8th ) to boot, cahoots ( someone in the know said they may be hosting readings )...


& 'Pider 2 wants that art ya'll: send an art or two or three to us to gawk to, submissions to