Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sang Again Soon + Caldwell Beefs Houseshow

Readings last night, Dino's hosting a joint venture: Sing Again Soon, Richard Houston's gem baby, hosted Whit Smith, Joshua Gillis, Spencer Connell, Harry Kagan, but then I lost Kendra Decola for the roof, and for pitcher-beer, it's an easy roof, and below me I could feel timbres of microphoning words, sure. It was a social drinking smile house, it's a bravo moment for the nashvillers that are (in/to) it, and burgs were getting stuffed in mouth places where words are from out of.

Chrome Pony was the buzz of intermission and postscript.


The house show was a smash too: Kin Ship became all the new halloween costume ideas for October even the day after, Beef Oven - plus Boo Hags ( ! ) - ran the home room deep bones lurch by loud boxes connected to their connector limbs, and The JAG got its way denim knight python bangs.


Next reading(s) around town:

4/25 - Tonight, crap, tonight, Lisa Dordal at Scarritt Bennett Center at 7

5/4 - Black History House at The Downtown Library