Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ghost ranchers ghost / BWR / missed reading ( ! ) [no [sic] sic]

Snap ya'll:

a, most intimate, most near me right now, is the lady with one problem: 'sitting' in a chair but not still, humming, grunting, popping up side ways hair curls slappin' round, she is closer ( contempt is no sign of contentment, but it pulses about me often, which means what, unexamined life not worth living, public spaces are sprawls of/for the erratic, absurdist, unconscious, stomping ruffian ... )

b, missed Brenda Butka read nashville, had the reading to think about all day, but time got tight and rain too, so I think we got gin.

b2, got through Black Warrior Review's most recent 39.2, and was less than fun about it, among the best ( which is to say unexpected, burgers with strength, genre stretchering were Tasha Matsumoto's piece on Maritime, Shena McAuliffe's bio-collage-prose, and Evelyn Hampton's Blondlot...  

c, ranch ghost boys glory hole a magic show in the grace swag moat with their Road To Bonaroo performance: warhol velvet, post-now, urban curb spit rock denim worn leather selves, caballero dead water man whistle, show was more than music involving literal show, anticipation of only music with no sight ( a blindman's life for what seems ages ) then they rip out the sheet show themselves and show ourselves for magnanimous joy curse word our demonic warm applause and the hot cheer on the inside got put outside that night.