Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Returns outdoor language / "To have its functions upon you..."

Arrived 'ol Nashville, unslept weary after a maniac drive push across country, Salt Lake City, Wyoming, Omaha, St. Louis. 

Formed emerge, are a smell in this space, animal thin, like this land was this vast chopped up land, loose mound of dissolving weathers, smell of, startled isolated objects, the convincing echo material, percussive sketch that proves finally now exist, and insists the area, usher a process disland.

The return of a type of heat, Olympics and nation-states, arrays of review enacted about the last month, here is one of materials brought back, most are, bummer, d e a d:

Ed Roberson ( Voices Cast Out )
Djuna Barnes ( Nightwood )
Aime Cesaire ( Notebook Of a Return )
Duncan ( Bow, Ground Work II )
H.D. ( Trilogy )
Gertrude ( Writings and Lectures 1909-1945 )
Ted Pearson ( Songs Aside )
George Oppen ( Selected Poems )
Alexei Kruchenykh ( Suicide Circus )
Heidegger ( Poetry, Language, Thought )
Carl Sandburg ( Harvest Poems, 1910-1960 )
Kandinsky ( Sounds )
Thomas Merton ( Selected Poems )
Stephen Ratcliffe ( Distance )


Plus, < killauthor's editor is now a revealed thing where before he did his work behind an emerald green curtain doing the slot machines. August, in the month for Octopus. Grand conversation con grand artist Brett Goodroad at the Marin Headlands Open House art thing whilst in the city. Die Antwoord. A Desert ( Kiln ) under way, rifling through notes.