Sunday, August 12, 2012

More directions exist in the north

Holy smokes my soul, been in grand states these last weeks, the trip, the return, the weathers, hunterer-gatherer friendzos, meteor gazer grid of good bodies updark, keg, mosquites can have all they please ( they, ah, usurp spiders to belong now to the hard undersides of bridges and me), phone broke and better, diving the
Ed Roberson, Aase Berg, Zach Savich.

Listen to
t h i s  my poney honey money dearies. The heebie-jeebies, creeps, coiny forests, saturation pockets pulled out to your air, and lighter anyhow.


Still intrigued by desert. What do you know about them? Werner Herzog, man of men, filmed them ( "Fata Morgana" ), and grafted atop poetries amazingly from the Popul Vuh, and, I think, his own mental brains ( ps. I hope you can read Spanish subtitles, and adore Leonard Cohen )

Are phones not working, write that letter.