Monday, May 4, 2015

WF/W #25, Lylas (& 'p i d e r IV), Clean Girls, Knittle, Knorr, unmissed/missed readings

Long awaited Word For/Word 25, is released for your catching. Dig.


Lylas show went very smoothly with tarmac sized headphones booted up to the back computer in the tiny light spill, look for these fat cats around Nashville, be following them because they sneak their shows in and sink back into the night, guerrilla with a 'u.' The experiential aspects of their live playing far outweighs the what would probably be less intuitive, less rambunctious takes recorded. Thanks to the sound guy at Stone Fox for letting me bootleg and the Lylas gents for agreeing.

As 'P i d e r IV, THE VIGOROUS ISSUE, comes together Lylas will buoy our poets to stain dim layerings rested atop us, that which we breathe but do not see.


This is exactimundo for poetry place land people communities citizens quotes and quandary - Davy Knittle's "Simple Machines." So are more of Davy's things. Like. Like.

Heavy appreciation for Alaskan Alyse Knorr's pieces in the newer Caketrain, they are off rail, heartened (perhaps eerie, but necessarily so via content, unlimbering upon these topics calls forward a solitude, an isolation, the conjuring of the notion of space filled by nothing but our being in it, ya know - Space), bared with a kind of trust and whimsicality (at the very least grammatically, formally, and structurally) that lets me slide with it, enough to keep hidden some things from me, enough for me to want to spend more time, to re-read, recommend.

*musical agreements - Lower Dens new guy Escape From Evil yah.



Unmissed readings

4/20, Vander Alumni Reading, Vander // Melissa Cundieff Pexa harnessing with glove an imagistic materiality to pave along a lyric, biblical, layering / linger on the sex ( not language ) / "...future ex..." / " mouth a hook my lips sewn to the air…" / WORM WINGS BEAK MOUTH FRAGILITY (uniform uncallused being) / informality ahead, "sky's clear edge" / "horse batting dust out of its eye" is memory you are being / Unique though formed from pastiche but inventive from bondages of form / firmly situated temporally-spatially but they become violated by with logic to extend beyond to capture… not beginning poetry…Not Beginning Poetry… her poetry does not begin poetry but becomes poetry (that origin situation where outset is parallax, indicated of change and measure) / "the sun like a burst fist" / or soft poetry tradition form / CHAIRED / the body, is more, the body, "someday I will die from you like a stitch dissolved into you…" / Zachary Greenberg, no more of this arrival, amidst the body of the the things, the bodies of the thing, "paperless street: - 'all the wet paint is not wet today' (that churned toss as up against is with, as light shines even the light device, so a closed, intimate,  adjacent knowing) / MATISSE poems / "she that does no answer to rudder will answer to rocks" a continuous arrival, processions of processions, a certain amongst as lay, or with, or comfort, or common to be easy but still outside from us, away, at a distance as seeming, or seen, Kaplanesque, "us together shutting the fuck up…mouth full of stones…with swallowed faces" / better interactivity of reading I've seen, honesty, creativity, interactive measure, so too with Mr. Fiction Matthew Baker.

4/24, Wyatt Prunty, Adam Vines, Parnassus // The wisdoms, goodness, the wisdoms shooting from this reading. Prunty, a gracious, imposing aura and height, does not talk long with strangers, though mentioned Proust and the texture of language toward instigating/sustaining physical/emotional states as a different factor from fiction, as a mandatory one of poetry / a rhythmic storytelling, of good fiction "swallowed oceans of air…that when he woke he could not close his hands"… as a DYLAN THOMAS / an old easy true, & certain ease to agree, a prose poetry to narrative with a longstanding, long taking strength / again the alignments of comedy and not quite its opposite, its cures in poetry - certainty in the gravity, the gravity of the thing, these two ends of an arc splitting forms fiction/poetry / as where poetry can have peripheral, narrative, listings, anecdotes, details, context framing-re-framing, contextless, surreal, definitions, redefinitions fiction must present and enact some of these things or it is failed - poetry is a thing whose presence and realization indicates a lack of nothing / "some smoker working backwards from his light", "which now you join", exact ruminating calm, attached, dialogue enters to spine a humor, "the modesty with which thieves touch objects they mean to take…that is my business…"/ Vines had wanted to chat up compositional methods as he had stated his as tangible to the point of refusing to type into his computer poems on their way to becoming them, wanted to mention the Wordsworth detail I heard that he would walk and compose in head and walk until the thing were composed, the duration of the walk tied to the work of the composition of the poem / curt, honesties, intentional-grip, a similarity to HOCKNEY / alabama coltrane black snake / "seams of…"  regional mythos, bioregionalism, bend toward place, elegy, storytelling (that south), holds memory to mold it / KIN, "black contracting," "history of flaws…"

5/3, POETree Event, Porch Writer's Collective, The Skillery, Ciona Rouse, Chance Chambers, Tiana Clark, Walker Bass, Christina Stoddard, Kana Kavon + Alita Barry, Patricia Alice Albrecht, Leslie LeChance. Thought missed about hal of the event, was good to see everyone the rest of were, Chance, Ciona, Leslie, Walker. What sun, what amidst moving and packing cardboard boxes and a few beers in the middle. Much thanks for the initiations of the season to curtain the outdoors with poetry flags - "I should have been a pair of ragged claws. Scuttling across the floors of silent seas."

Missed Readings

4/24: Lyrical Brew; really wanted to make this reading, though poetry scheduling conflicts are ambivalently spiked with regret/absence and enjoys/attendance. Dave Wright, Anne Charlton, Edgar Kunz.

4/23: Poet's Corner at Scarritt Bennett (Vander) w/ Jamie Collins. Straight up walked in as the last word of the reading sizzled out, sounded like "…gorge…"

Upcoming Readings

Check Chuck Beard's run down of things litty to do around Nash, and check
5/19 E t A l. Poetry Readings, Kristi Maxwell, Ericka Suhl, Tiana Clark. Free, 8ish.