Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Some / too, over a lack of capacities, / much / whom on where is put / the front of the face…" / Dear Truds to Timber Journal

Three of "Dear Trud," are soon over at Timber Journal. Found in a long lost journal from the ol' pay by the pound, "Dear Trud," was the repeating address outward for the entirety of it, to whomever Trud is, I know who my Trud's are but do you know who yr Trud's are, who's yr Trud? Not sure yet if they're headed to a print issue or an online one, you know when I know, eh.

Newer dissonant smear sound stuff from Dirty Beaches -

Plus plus eff plus -


Stephen Ratcliffe had t h e s e in one of eleveneleven's some time recently past and they smash everywhere onto everything. I remember finding Distances at Logo's in Santa Cruz and reading one piece for about an hour on the carpet ground. Now his Distance pieces were the prototypes of orbit, contstellated content, ringing augment, 'synchronic repetition,' serial, processual, working at syntax under yr eyes.

Doot Doot by Fruer on Grooveshark


Prasanta Ghosh