Monday, January 3, 2011

"With / no sound of metals this tundra sings..." / Baseball Poems in the next GlitterPony / Chapbook Announcement

I'm overjoyed at the news that a few pieces of "I'm sorry , about Baseball" have found a more homier home over at GlitterPony. Listed in the 'Other Legit Places' section over on the right of this page, GlitterPony is, as its placement defines, legit. Here's their most recent rag, Issue Ten. Keep your ears open for Issue Eleven, due out god knows when.

And so...

A poem that started as universal apology for baseball's tired meanings unfolded into a glory song of hidden celebrations enacted in the game. Youth-age, masculine-feminine dichotomy, commercialism-peasantry, formlessness-geometry, memory-statistic, nationalism-community, black magic-polytheism, selfhood-voyeurism, urban-agrarian associations, performance-solipsism, speech-mantra. Celebrate the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants with an abstract long poem whydon'tchya?

Each chapbook showcases a unique cover/back-cover done up by artist Meagen Crawford.

"I'm sorry , about Baseball"

By Matthew Johnstone
4.5" x 6"
30 pages
$5 ( or not )

Email me for details.