Friday, January 21, 2011

"Glad as a bridge my / way throw it my way..." / Baseball poems in Out of Our

The newest Out of Our, a San Francisco poetry quarterly, will include a hearty-bowl-of-hotbeef-soup-on-snow-days portion of "I'm sorry , about Baseball," and one other piece, "The skeleton may perform, a great Clown."

I happened upon Out of Our's booth at a recent zinefest held in Golden Gate park and struck up a conversation with editor Sarah Page. We chatted briefly on the state of local lit culture, Anne Waldman, and beat godfather Lawrence Ferlinghetti ( both of whom were featured in the display copy of their most recent volume ).

And so, all of The Baseball Poems* have found a home, blessed are parents of little orphans. Due out at the end of this month, Out of Our will be available for theft, examination, purchase (?) at these respectable sources:

City Lights Books, chinatown adjacent
Dog Eared Books, on Valencia
Bird and Beckett, Glen Park/Bernal Heights
Rebound Bookstore, Mill Valley

* "I'm sorry , about Baseball" is, yes, yes, still available in book form, still peripherally attached to the 2010 Champion SF Giants, still handsome, still 30 pgs/$5.