Saturday, July 30, 2016

July August region-arrowing toward Et. Al. Fall Lineups (!)

This being a scarce tablet onto which the inner dialogues confront external white space now. There've been many readings - Chance Chambers at Poet's Corner, most recently Ciona Rouse's Lyrical Brew ( last night ), a Gary McDowell reading, another Lyrical Brew back there in the past, but really working on this next 'Pider - 'Pider V ( The For Keeps Issue ) starring some amazing poets, keep your third eye out for it. Here we are on fbook.


Also did a few readings in July, the latest being# 87 of Chuck Beard's Eastside Storytellin', which can be heard off Soundcloud here.

Most summer here spending on writing-editing placing together my own things that neglect my time here.


Helping organize a reading-performance evening on SAT August 20 called Placebo Theater, which is going to be held at the universally charitable and genre defying all encompassing venue Sauvage, and is set to host alternative performative poetic dramatic executions by Meagen Crawford, Jacob Bernardi Stovall, and headliner Matt Christy


The Fall E t A l. Lineups (!)

Sept. 10 (SAT) // Bill Brown, Joshua Moore, & Kristi Maxwell (KY) / 
Art by Lain York

Oct. 2 (SUN)* // Tristan Gaspadarek, Dan Hoy, & Alex Cruse (CA) / 
Art by Ann Catherine Carter

Nov. 5 (SAT)* // Destiny Birdsong, Nathan Spoon, & Lindsay Turner (SC) / 
Art by TBA

*Art Crawl involvement