Monday, June 15, 2015

June: poems you can be inside of at Gobbet + RPD Society / recent music fixations / squished time

June, again, again. Settled to it rickshaws of the shuttled, the cacophony here, good god the sorrow, stationed downtown where simple walk is moves beset upon by all sides, near the river, the river side quiet and brackish, the other commerce and completely transient and until, this quadrant, this quadrant is vacuum, is IED, where people go to from.

CMA done, Bonnaroo done.

Opposite side river here.


Now got them 'Ulysses S Grant.' chunks ( separate hanging land & projections ) over at the Lynchian Gobbet. Check out my melodies.

Heard 'Bring Out The Body The Suit Is On' is over with Rain, Party, & Disaster Society and forevermore. Read it in like ten seconds if you got it to spare.

If you got it to spare.


If you got it to spare,


If you got it to be spare make it spare,